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Valentina Capurri

Capurri, Valentina


Contract Lecturer


PhD History (York University), MA Geography (York University), BA History (Universita’ di Bologna, Italy)


JOR 601


416-979-5000 x3120

Email Address:


Geography & Environmental Studies

Research Interests:

Geographies of citizenship and identity, urban politics, cities and social justice, geographies of disability

My work explores issues of citizenship and identity within the Canadian space, particularly Canadan cities. I look at citizenship as an act of resistance and at identity as a process of becoming rather than as a set of fixed characteristics. My current research focuses on city residents’ resistance to urban neoliberal policies.

Current Courses:

GEO 793: Geography of Toronto
GEO 507: Explorations of the Urban Environment
CGEO 691: Canadian Immigration: Patterns and Place

Selected Publications & Presentations:

(2013) ‘Residents’ or ‘Taxpayers’? Neoliberalism, Rob Ford’s Mayoral Campaign and the Meaning of Urban Citizenship.Canadian Journal of Urban Research 22(2), 1-17.

(2012) Medical inadmissibility in Canadian immigration policy and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Left History 16(1), 91-113.

(2006) Women as individuals and members of minority groups: how to reconcile human rights and the values of cultural pluralism. GeoJournal  65(4), 329-337.