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sutama ghosh

Ghosh, Sutama


Associate Professor


Ph.D (York University); MA; BA (honours); B.Ed.


JOR 628


416-979-5000 x6170


Urban Geography and Urban Social Geography; Immigration and Settlement Experiences of immigrants in Canadian and British Cities


Geography & Environmental Studies

Research Interests:

Migration and Settlement Geographies, Transnationalism, Critical ‘Race’ Theories, Theories of Space and “Mixed” Research Methods.  

Current research projects include:

1.     Neighbourhood Inequalities in Toronto: A Case Study of Deprivation in Rexdale-Kipling (SSHRC);
2.     Transnational Housing Investments in the National Capital Region of India

Current Courses:

GEO 208: Geography of the Global Economy
GEO 351: Internal Structure of the City
GEO 507: Explorations of the Urban Environment
GEO 691: Canadian Immigration: Patterns and Place
ISS 8922: The Canadian Mosaic

Professional Affiliations:

Co-chair of the "Diversity, Migration, Ethnicity and Race Study Group/Groupe de recherche sur la diversité, la migration, l'ethnicité et la race" within the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG).

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Ghosh, S. and R. M. Garrison “Home” as a Paradoxical Space:  Some South Asian Experiences from Toronto, Gender Place and Culture (under review)

Ghosh, S. Everyday Lives in Vertical Neighbourhoods: Exploring Bangladeshi Residential Spaces in Toronto’s Inner Suburbs, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. vol 38(6), 2008-2024.

Ghosh, S. (2013) A Passage to Canada: The Differential Migrations of ‘South Asian’ Skilled Workers to Toronto, Journal of International Migrtion and Integration.

Ghosh, S. (2012) Am I A South Asian, Really?”Constructing ‘South Asians’ in Canada and Being South Asian in Toronto, South Asian Diaspora, 1—21. DOI: 10,1080/19438192.2013.724913

Murdie, R. A. and S Ghosh (2010), “Does Spatial Concentration Always Mean a Lack of Integration? Exploring Ethnic Concentration and Integration in Toronto”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 36 (2), 293 – 311.

Ghosh, S. and R. M. Garrison (2007), “Language and residential choice: a case study of Indian Bengalis and Bangladeshis in Toronto”, Contact, 33 (2): 123-153.

Ghosh, S. (2007), “Transnational Ties and Intra-Immigrant Group Settlement Experiences: A Case Study of Indian Bengalis and Bangladeshis in Toronto”, Geojournal, 68: 223-242.

Ghosh S and Wang L (2003) “Transnationalism and Identity: A tale of two faces and multiple lives”, The Canadian Geographer, 47 (3): 269-282