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Jonathan Cinnamon

Cinnamon, Jonathan


Assistant Professor




JOR 630


416-979-5000 x6171

Email Address:



Geography and Environmental Studies


Geographic information science; critical GIS; digital geographies; data studies; science and technology studies; health, development, and urban geographies

Research Interests:

With an academic background in GIS and human geography, my research program is strategically positioned at the intersection of information science and social science. Working in collaboration with stakeholders and across disciplines, I develop novel spatial data production and visualization techniques, and attend to the ethical and political implications of data and technology use by grassroots, corporate, and government actors. Using a theoretically-informed, mixed-methods approach, recent funded projects in Canada, the United Kingdom, and South Africa have advanced conceptual and empirical knowledge of data inequalities and injustice, digital activism in the smart city, and mobile and geospatial Web technologies for health and development. This research is underpinned by commitments to social justice and knowledge mobilization. Prior to joining Ryerson, I was a faculty member at the University of Exeter in the UK, and held visiting positions at Wits University in Johannesburg, and Ohio State University.

Professional Affiliations:

Canadian Association of Geographers

American Association of Geographers

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Selected Publications:

See my Google Scholar page for an updated list:

Ricker, B., Cinnamon, J., & Dierwechter, Y. (In press). When open data and data activism meet: An analysis of civic participation in Cape Town, South Africa. The Canadian Geographer.

Cinnamon, J. (In press). Power in numbers/power and numbers: Gentle data activism as strategic collaboration. Area.

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Cinnamon, J. (2019). Visual Data Justice? Datafication of Urban Informality in South Africa using 360° Imaging Technologies. Development Informatics Working Paper no. 75. Global Development Institute, University of Manchester.

Albugami, S., Palmer, S. Cinnamon, J., & Meersmans, J. (2019). Spatial and temporal variations in the incidence of dust storms in Saudi Arabia revealed from in situ observations. Geosciences 9(4), 1-20.

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