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Andrew Millward

Millward, Andrew


Associate Professor


BSc, MSc, Guelph, PhD, Wat.


JOR 621


416-979-5000 x.2673

Email Address:


Environmental Decision Making, Urban Sustainability, Urban Forestry, Climatology, Physical Geography, Statistics and Quantitative Analysis, GIS, Remote Sensing, Internet and Mobile Mapping


Geography & Environmental Studies

Research Interests:

1.      Urban Microclimate

2.      Urban Soil Amendment

3.      Mapping Tree Roots in Three Dimensions

4.      Forecasting Urban Tree Growth

5.      Urban Forest Benefit Estimation

6.      Optimal Planting Locations for City Trees

7.      Mobile Mapping of Urban Trees and Natural Heritage Features

8.      Urban Forest Vulnerability

9.      Disturbance Ecology

Current Courses:

SA 8923: Land Geographic Information Systems

GEO 612: Environmental Decision Making

GEO 561: Multivariate Statistical Techniques

GEO 361: Inferential Statistical Techniques

GEO 313: Geography of the Physical Environment

EUS 301: Reading Neighbourhood Environments

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Sawka, M., Millward, A.A., McKay, J., Sarkovich, M. (2013) Growing summer energy conservation through residential tree planting. Landscape and Urban Planning. 113: 1-9. 

Pothier, A.J., Millward, A.A. (2012) Valuing trees on city-centre institutional land: an opportunity for urban forest management.Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. (ahead-of-print): 1-23 

Kershaw, S.E., Millward, A.A. (2012) A spatio-temporal index for heat vulnerability assessment. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 184: 7329-7342.

Millward, A.A., Paudel, K., Briggs S.E. (2011) Naturalization as a strategy for improving soil physical characteristics in a forested urban park. Urban Ecosystems. 14:261-278.

Millward, A.A., Sabir, S. (2011) Benefits of a forested urban park: what is the value of Allan Gardens to the city of Toronto, Canada? Landscape and Urban Planning. 100:177-188.

Position Currently Held:

Principal Investigator - Urban Forest Research & Ecological Disturbance (UFRED) Group