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Murnaghan, Ann Marie F.


Assistant Professor (limited-term)


BSc (Hons.), Qu., MES, PhD, York (Can.)


JOR 607


416-979-5000 x2383

Email Address:


Urban geography, social and cultural geography, children’s geographies


Geography & Environmental Studies

Research Interests:

Urban nature, anticolonial geographies, non-formal education

Current Courses:

GEO 793: The Geography of Toronto

Professional Affiliations:

Canadian Association of Geographers
Society for the History of Children and Youth 
Association of American Geographers

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2019. Play and Playgrounds in Children’s Geographies. In T. Skelton and S. Aitken (eds). Springer Major Reference Work: Geographies of Children and Young People, Volume 1, Singapore: Springer.

McCreary, T., and Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2019. The Educational Work of a National Museum: Creating Knowledgeable Young Citizens in Ottawa, Canada. Children's Geographies (in press).

Murnaghan, A.M.F., and N. Jariwala. Engaging Student Research in Active Transportation. Poster presented at Canadian Association of Geographers' Annual Meeting, Toronto, 2017.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2016. Disciplining Children in Toronto Playgrounds in the Early Twentieth Century. Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 8(1): 111-132.

Murnaghan, A.M.F., and T. McCreary. 2016. Projections of Race, Nature, and Ethnographic Childhood in Early Educational Cinema at the National Museum of Canada. Geografiska Annaler Series B: Human Geography 98: 37-53.

Shillington, L.J., and A.M.F. Murnaghan. 2016. Urban Political Ecologies and Children’s Geographies: Queering Urban Ecologies of Childhood. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 40(5): 1017-1035.

Murnaghan, A.M.F., and L.J. Shillington (eds). 2016. Children, Nature, Cities. London and New York: Routledge.

Shillington, L.J., and Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2016. Chapter 1: Children, Nature, and the City. In Murnaghan, A.M.F. and L. Shillington (eds). Children, Nature, Cities. London and New York: Routledge, 1-18.

Shillington, L.J., and Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2016. Chapter 3: Digging Outside the Sandbox: Ecological Politics of Sand and Urban Children. In Murnaghan, A.M.F. and L. Shillington (eds). Children, Nature, Cities. London and New York: Routledge, 39-55.

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Murnaghan, A. M., and R. Basu. 2016. Chapter 25: Playfully Negotiating Publics: Children, Space and Activism in the City. In A. Dutt, A. G. Noble, F. J. Costa, R. Thakur, and S. Thakur (eds.) Spatial Diversity and Dynamics in Resources and Urban Development (Vol. II). Netherlands: Springer, 517-525

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Childist Urban Landscapes. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, San Francisco, United States, 2016.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Childist Landscapes: Spatializing Young-Bruehl’s Analysis of Childism. Fourth International Conference on the ​Geographies of Children, Youth and Families: Young People, Borders & Wellbeing. San Diego, United States, 2015.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2014.  Representing nature in Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe’s Diary: an examination of Toronto’s colonial past (Canada). Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays 15: 1-7.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Educational Programming in the National Museum of Canada, 1912-1932 Symposium Presentation. Researching Children's Everyday Lives: Socio-Cultural Contexts Conference, Centre for the Study of Children and Youth, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2014.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2013. The city, the country, and Toronto’s Bloor Viaduct, 1897-1919. Urban History Review 42(2): 41-50.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. 2013.  Exploring race and nation in playground propaganda in early twentieth-century Toronto.  International Journal of Play2(2): 134-146.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. The Changing Geographies of Playgrounds in Toronto, 1913 and 2012 (with J.D. Murnaghan). Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, St. John’s, Canada, 2013.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Sand Paper: Urban Natures in North American Children’s Play-spaces (with L. Shillington). Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, United States, 2013.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Reflexively Researching with a Playful Methodology. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New York, United States, 2012.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Remembering Colonial Histories through Ethnographic Film, and what to do next (with T. McCreary). Prairie Division of Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Winkler, Canada, 2012.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Reclaiming Aboriginal Knowledge and Remembering Colonial Histories through Reinterpreting Ethnographic Film (with T. McCreary). Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Waterloo, Canada, 2012.

Murnaghan, A.M.F. Spaces of Nature, Places for Children: The Playground Movement at the Turn of the Twentieth Century in Toronto, Canada. Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Waterloo, Canada, 2012.

Kobayashi, A., V. Preston, and A.M. Murnaghan. 2011. Place, affect, and transnationalism: through the voices of Hong Kong immigrants to Canada.  Social and Cultural Geography 12(8): 871-888.

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Murnaghan, A.M.F. “Happy faces and grassy places”: Children, Nature, Planning, and Playgrounds in Toronto, Canada at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. Children’s Health and the Environment: International Workshop on Research, Policy and Practice, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 2010.

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