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Tor Oiamo

Oiamo, Tor


Assistant Professor


BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), PhD, Western (Can)


JOR 615


416-979-5000 x7147

Email Address:


Exposure assessment; environmental modelling; health risk assessment; GIS and spatial statistics; health and medical geography


Dr. Oiamo’s interests are broadly situated in the fields of health geography, environmental epidemiology and exposure science, and focus on environmental modelling, exposure assessment, health impact assessment and knowledge translation. As a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator, Dr. Oiamo holds grants with leading scholars in Canada and internationally on research projects funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Toronto Public Health and Health Canada. Additionally, numerous past and current applied research contracts with health, environment and transportation agencies at municipal and federal levels of government demonstrate a commitment to support policy-making and environmental regulation. Objectives of current research projects include the development of national environmental noise models in Canada; understanding environmental and population impacts transportation infrastructure, and; developing a user-friendly software program to simulate effects of urban development on air quality and related health outcomes. These efforts complement research activities that aim to further our understanding of environmental determinants of health as well as health and disease risks in vulnerable populations.



Geography & Environmental Studies

Current Courses:

EUS 102: Environment and Sustainability

EUS 401: Patterns of Demography and Environment

EUS 760: Cities at Risk

EUS 801: Senior Projects in EUS

EUS 880: Field Studies

GEO 561: Multivariate Analytical Techniques

GEO 581: GIS, Geographic Data and Mapping

GEO 612: Environmental Decision Making

GEO 871: The Professional Geographer



Selected Publications & Presentations:

Shin, S., Bai, L., Oiamo, T.H., Burnett, R.T., Weichenthal, S., Jerrett, M., Kwong, J.C., Goldberg, M.S., Copes, R., Kopp, A. and Chen, H. 2020. Association between road traffic noise and incidence of diabetes mellitus and hypertension in Toronto, Canada: a populationbased cohort study. Journal of the American Heart Association, 9: e013021.

Oiamo, T.H., White LJ, Johsnon M, Moah H, Stieb, D. 2019. Developing a sustainable indicator weighted index for integrated urban modelling and health outcomes in SMARTPLANS. Proceedings of the Canadian Transportation Research Forum 54th Annual Conference.

Stefanova D, Jeong CH, Brook J, Evans G, Hatzopoulou M, Oiamo,T.H. 2019. The King Street Pilot Study on Mobility and Environmental Perceptions. Toronto Public Health, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Oiamo,T.H., Davies, H., Rainham, D., Rinner, C., Drew, K., Sabaliauskas, K. and Macfarlane, R. 2018. A combined emission and receptor-based approach to modelling environmental noise in urban environments. Environmental Pollution, 242: 1387-1394.

Oiamo, T.H., Davies, H. and Rinner, C. 2017. Environmental Noise Study in the City of Toronto. Toronto Public Health, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Oiamo, T.H., Baxter, J. and Luginaah, I.N. 2015. Cumulative effects of noise and odour annoyances on environmental and health related quality of life. Social Science and Medicine, 146: 191-203.   

Oiamo, T.H., Johnson, M., Tang, K., Luginaah, I.N. 2015. Assessing traffic and industrial contributions to nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds in a low pollution urban environment. Science of the Total Environment, 529, 149-157.

Oiamo, T.H. and Luginaah, I.N. 2013. Extricating sex and gender in air pollution research: a community-based study on cardinal symptoms of exposure. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10: 3801-3817.

For full list of publications see: