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Shuguang Wang

Wang, Shuguang




BSc, Shangdong Teachers’ University, MA, PhD, Alta.


JOR 622


416-979-5000 x6904

Email Address:


Retail geography; spatial analysis; research methods


Geography & Environmental Studies

Research Interests:

Retail location analysis; internationalization of retailing; immigrant settlement patterns; retail geography of China

Current Courses:

GEO 621: Advanced Retail Analysis and Planning
GEO 772: Individual Research Paper
GEO 773: Field Studies
SA 8912: Spatial Technologies in Strategic Planning 

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Wang, S. and Zhang, Y. C. 2012. "Tiering" China's Urban Markets for the Study of Retail Geography. China Urban Studies, Vol. 5. (In press)

Wang, S. 2012. The Setback of Best Buy in China. Retail Digest (Summer Issue), 3-25.

Wang, S. and Du, Paul2012Diversity of Asian Immigrants and Their Roles in the Making of Multicultural Cities in Canada. In Eric Fong, Nora Chiang, and Nancy Denton. Immigrant Adaptation in Multiethnic Cities – Canada, Taiwan and the U.S. Routledge. (forthcoming)

Wang, S., Hii, R., Zhong, J., and Du, P.  2012Recent Trends in Ethnic Chinese Retailing in Metropolitan Toronto. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, 3 (4)  (forthcoming).

Wang, S. and Wang, Q. 2011. Contemporary Asian Immigrants in the United States and Canada (Chapter 10). In Wei Li, Carlos Teixeira, and Audrey Kobayashi (eds.)  Immigrant Geographies of North American Cities. Oxford University Press.

Wang, S. 2009. Foreign Retailers in Post-WTO China: Stories of Success and Setbacks. Asia Pacific Business Review, 15 (1): 55-73.

Wang, S. and Guo, C. Y. 2007. A Tale of Two Cities: Restructuring of Retail Capital and Production of New Consumption Spaces in Beijing and Shanghai (Chapter 13). In Fulong Wu (ed) China’s Emerging Cities: The Making of New Urbanism. New York: Routledge, pp256-282. 

Wang, S. and Lo, L. 2007. What Does It Take to Achieve Full Integration? Economic (Under)Performance of Chinese Immigrants in Canada. In Vijay Agnew (ed.) Interrogating Race and Racism. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, pp172-205.

Wang, S. and Zhang, Y. 2006. Penetrating the Great Wall and Conquering the Middle Kingdom: Wal-Mart in China. In Stanley Brunn (ed), Wal-Mart World: The World’s Biggest Corporation in the Global Economy. New York: Routledge, pp293-314.

Lo, L. and Wang, S. 2006. The New Chinese Business Sector in Toronto: A Spatial and Structural Anatomy of Medium and Large-sized Firms. In Eric Fong and Chiu Luk (eds.) Chinese Ethnic Business Global and Local Perspectives. New York: Routledge, pp64-86.

Wang, S., Zhang, Y. and Wang, Y. 2006. Opportunities and Challenges of Shopping Centre Development in China: A Case Study of Shanghai. Journal of Shopping Center Research, 13 (1): 19-55.

Wang, S. and Lo, L. 2005. Chinese Immigrants in Canada: Their Changing Composition and Economic Performance. International Migration. 43 (3): 35-71.

Wang, S. and Y. C. Zhang. 2005. The New Retail Economy of Shanghai. Growth and Change, 36 (1): 41-73. 

Position Currently Held:

Graduate Program Director, Spatial Analysis