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The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies has partnered with Genesis Flight College in Collingwood, Ontario, to support students who wish to pursue the BA in Geographic Analysis and a Commercial Pilot Diploma at the same time. The new collaboration imparts advanced analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills sought after by a wide variety of industries.

The aerospace industry has identified the need for a new breed of specialists who have a comprehensive academic background. Whether your final career path is in Aviation or Geography, the skills developed through this collaboration will enhance your value to many employers.  

Photo gallery, Genesis Flight College

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a core requirement if your goal is to become a career pilot. A university degree in combination with a CPL is regarded by the aviation industry as a valuable asset, and is rapidly becoming a requirement for the profession. Genesis encourages its students to apply for admission to Ryerson’s BA in Geographic Analysis program. Conversely, Geographic Analysis students are invited to consider concurrent pilot training during their degree studies. The completed CPL with Genesis Flight College during enrolment at Ryerson will count towards the internship requirement for the BA in Geographic Analysis.

The completion of the two concurrent programs will provide a basis for careers in a diverse array of aviation and aerospace industries, and equip students with a comprehensive grounding in aviation-relevant subjects such as geomatics, climatology, cartography, and remote sensing. The Geographic Analysis program prepares candidates for a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors, while the CPL provides the skills and licensing to fly commercially upon graduation.  

Photo gallery, Genesis Flight College

Students will complete the Commercial Pilot Diploma courses at Genesis Flight College over a period of six or eight academic terms. The flight training component is offered on an individualized completion schedule to fit the student's academic and personal schedule. Students will develop their own schedule with blocks of training concentrated in spring/summer seasons (academic off terms).

The Commercial Pilot Program includes:

  • Private Pilot License (VFR) Written Exam and Flight Test
  • Night Rating
  • Commercial Written Exam and Flight Test
  • Multi-engine Rating Flight Test
  • Instrument (IFR) Rating Written Exam and Flight Test

The BA in Geographic Analysis curriculum includes:

  • Professional (program) courses, including computer labs focusing on statistics, geographic information systems (GIS), and geodemographics
  • Professionally related (elective) courses, including options in marketing, real-estate, planning, and environment and urban sustainability
  • Liberal studies courses

Admission to, and completion of, the BA degree is governed by Ryerson University's policies and procedures. Please visit for Ryerson admission information. Pilot training is offered separately by Genesis Flight College - see for more information.