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Field trips are an important part of experiential learning. Our field trips are designed to allow students first-hand experience in applying their research skills at various levels.  

Two field trips are integrated into the first-year curriculum. One trip examines the complexities of an environment or ecosystem by visiting the Credit River Watershed. The second trip focuses on understanding the relevance of location on land use, land values and how it impacts local society.  

The upper-year Field Studies (GEO 773) course is the most substantial of the program's trips. The trip is an elective course credit consisting of intensive study of the urban, recreational, tourism and environmental aspects of the destination. It has provided students with the opportunity to spend 10 days in the Caribbean, the US, Europe, or China.

Original photos from recent destinations are included in the gallery below, followed by information on select recent field tips.

Read about Jennifer Nhieu’s experience from the Fall 2017 field trip to Italy and Austria at 


Produced and Edited by
Nikki Codinera

Fall 2014


Fall 2008


Fall 2010


Fall 2012

  • Shanghai and Beijing, China


  • Florida
  • Germany, Austria & Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Nevada/Arizona
  • Paris
  • Puerto Rico
  • Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Vancouver Island