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There are three post-graduate Certificates focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offered by the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education:

  1. The Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS provides recent university graduates and professionals new to Canada with the theoretical education and practical training they need for a successful career in the GIS industry. Digital geography is an area of study that concentrates on the electronic capture, storage, manipulation, and analysis of geographic data.

    For detailed certificate and program information, please visit
    For related career information, please visit Industry Overview.

  2. The Advanced Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS presents professionals working in the GIS industry with an opportunity to upgrade their technical knowledge and skills in order to stay current in this fast-changing field.

  3. This certificate offers opportunities to take a grounding in the principles and applications of Demographic Analysis and GIS applications in demography into the study of selected courses, with a concentration on applications used for business, commercial or public sector purposes, immigration and settlement studies and/or the economic impacts of demographic change.

    For further information on this Certificate, please visit the Certificate information in the G. Raymond Chang School website.

*Contact Academic Coordinator, Joe Aversa,, for more information.