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The Department of Geography & Environmental Studies launched three new Minors available to undergraduate students starting Fall 2014. Students will have an opportunity to explore a secondary area of interest in Geography, Geographic Analysis or Environment and Urban Sustainability.

The Geography Minor will allow students to explore and develop further understanding of the connections and interrelationships between people and their natural and built environments. 

The Geographic Analysis Minor will enhance students’ understanding of real-world solutions to issues surrounding urban growth, economic development, business/service location decisions, climate change, and environmental remediation. In addition, students will learn to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and incorporate the use of GIS in their decision making process. 

The Environment and Urban Sustainability Minor will provide students with an understanding on sustainability issues as they pertain to our urban and natural environments. Students will learn to critically think about issues, solutions and possibilities when creating sustainable practices within the urban spaces. 

To complete a Minor, students are required to complete six courses within the prescribed Minor curriculum; where possible, students may pursue more than one Minor. Please refer to the Minor policy for more information.

*Note: Students in the Geographic Analysis program cannot pursue the Geography or Geographic Analysis Minors. Students in Environment and Urban Sustainability program cannot pursue the Environment and Urban Sustainability Minor.