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Thank you for your continuing support of students. While we prepare for a broader return to campus in the winter semester, we encourage anyone wishing to make a donation to do so via our secure online donation form. Tax receipts will be sent automatically by email. 

For any questions regarding your donation or receipt please email Sergio Chiodo at Thank you.

Sample Bequest Language

Ryerson University depends upon the generosity of its donors. Their gifts enable Ryerson to continue to offer students outstanding facilities, career-oriented programs, discovery driven research opportunities and first-class teaching. By leaving a bequest to Ryerson University in your will, you can help Ryerson produce our next generation of talented, creative leaders who are destined to build a great future for Canada and the world.

Supporters who give through planned giving are recognized as members of the Ryerson Society.

The wording of your bequest is very important

Below are some examples of suggested wording to ensure your bequest is clear and will be directed to Ryerson University according to your wishes. Please note, this information is very general in nature, does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. We strongly recommend that you seek professional legal estate planning and/or financial advice before deciding upon your course of action.

Your charitable bequest should be directed to “Ryerson University” in your will. For your reference, Ryerson University’s Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Number is 119130383RR0001.

  • To include bequests of a specific sum of money:

    I give to the [school/department] in the [Faculty] at Ryerson University the sum of $[amount] for its [greatest need / student support / capital improvements / research].

  • To include bequests of property including real estate or valuable items such as stocks, bonds, jewellery or works of art:

    I give to the [school/department] in the [Faculty] at Ryerson University the sum of [description of property] for [greatest need / student support / capital improvements / research].

    Please note that unless the property is considered useful to Ryerson, it will be sold and the proceeds used by the university in accordance with its charitable objectives.

  • To include bequests of the rest or residue of your estate:

    I give to the [school/department] in the [Faculty] at Ryerson University the sum of all [or a stated percentage] of the rest or residue and reminder of my estate for its [greatest need / student support / capital improvements / research].

Contingent bequests

A contingent bequest is one in which Ryerson University receives a gift only if other heirs specifically named in your will die before you do. Here is some sample wording:

If [name(s) of primary beneficiaries] do[es] not survive me, or die[s] within (90) days of my death, or as a result of common disaster, then I give Ryerson University [describe the specific amount of money, property or percentage of residual estate] for its [greatest need / student support / capital improvements / research]

For more information, contact:

Mira Claxton
Director of Development, Planned Giving
416.979.5000 ext. 553793