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Plan a Gift in Your Will

Your Legacy at Ryerson

In your will, you set out to take care of those closest to you. It’s a way to remember the people, places and charities that played an important role in your life. It is our hope that Ryerson holds this place in your heart. 

Many of our alumni, friends, faculty and staff have included a gift to Ryerson in their wills, and we are honoured to be thought of in this way. These gifts come in contributions of all sizes, and can be designated however you wish – to student financial assistance, to your school, faculty or to the area of greatest need.

A Simple, Affordable and Tax Smart Way to Make an Impact

Planned gifts like this are not just for the wealthy – in fact, one of the real benefits of planned giving is that they typically allow you to give at a greater level of support than might be possible right now. These gifts can also provide tax advantages that can benefit your estate.* 

Planned gifts are called that because the money does not typically become available to the university until sometime in the future. Making a bequest in your will is the most common gift of this type, which also includes gifts of life insurance, registered retirement savings, securities, annuities and remainder trusts. We are happy to discuss with you these other future gift options as well.

For further details about making a bequest, please read Sample Bequest Language. or those intending a bequest to Ryerson, please send us a Will Confirmation Form, so we can properly say 'Thank You'.

*We want you to be comfortable with your decision, and encourage all donors to seek the advice of a qualified financial or estate planner.



A planned gift marks your connection to Ryerson, and makes a lasting difference for the Ryerson of tomorrow and the students who will follow in your footsteps.

Legacy of your impact

Whatever your connection to Ryerson – whether you are a former student, the parent of a former student, faculty or staff, or a friend of the school – Ryerson has a special place in your life. It may be the place from which you launched a career, the place from which your child launched their career, or perhaps it is the place you built your own career.  

Ryerson has long been the place for experiential hands-on education. In the last decade, we have taken that essential DNA and re-engineered it to express the 21st-century character of innovation and entrepreneurship. You have the power to help ensure that Ryerson continues to deliver an engaged and quality education to the next generation of students. 

Your planned gift can create scholarships and awards that help us attract the best and brightest students, and help bring higher education more within reach. Donors who create awards or scholarships have a direct and inspirational impact on the lives of students. For many, additional financial support can mean the difference between pursuing one’s educational ambitions or having to put those dreams on hold.

Your gift can impact the university in other ways as well. You may wish to direct it to ensure that your faculty or school is able to offer students the latest technologies and equipment, exceptional facilities and resources, and an enriched learning environment with abundant opportunities to engage. You may wish to support world-class research at Ryerson, or new academic programs and teaching excellence. 

Your gift can inspire the next leaders for generations to come.

For more information, contact:

Mira Claxton
Director of Development, Planned Giving
416.979.5000 ext. 3793