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The Parent's Fund

Ryerson University students's at the Digital Media Experience Lab

Your child has taken an important step toward a promising future, and staff at the Ryerson Library are here to play an integral role in helping them achieve their dreams. For most of our first-year students, the demands of university can be challenging.

At the Ryerson Library, your child can find the people and resources to help meet these challenges, and thrive. We support students both in-person and online, and help enhance their skill and ability to excel in their coursework and projects. We provide access to vital research material, the latest technology, an inspiring study space, and a home away from home.

That’s why, each year, the Library reaches out to parents to ask for support. The Parent’s Fund is crucial to increasing the Library’s capacity to offer many of these important resources and initiatives. Your gift helps give students access to the best and most current educational resources available. Thank you for your support.

Ryerson student Syeda Misbahuddin in the DME lab

“As a Ryerson student working at the Library, I see firsthand how its expansion is helping students succeed.”

– Syeda Misbahuddin
 Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2019

For more information, please contact:

Joanna Beyersbergen
Director of Development, Library