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Get a Google Token

When would I need to use a Google Token?

You only need to activate a Google Token when you choose to set up your Ryerson Gmail on older email clients with IMAP, or when configuring a Blackberry device for example. Recall, the recommended way to access your Ryerson Gmail account is on the web which does not require the use of a Google Token.

How to Get Your Google Token

1. Go to and log in with your credentials.

1. You will see a tab located at the top left of the page called "Apps". Click on this tab.

Screenshot of Apps Tab

1. Here you can access your Ryerson Gmail and navigate to your other G Suite apps. Click "Activate Google Token".

Screenshot of Apps Page

2. A 16-character string will appear. You must click the "Activate" button before you can use this token. Once you do, you will be able to use this token as the password to set up an email client or mobile device. You can change your Google Token, but then your existing one is no longer valid. We recommend you store this token somewhere safe if you need to set up multiple devices or clients. 

Example of Google Token

3. Once you click "Activate" , you can begin using your Google Token to set up your desired mobile devices or mail clients. Please visit Mobile Setup for set up instructions for mobile device set up.  Click here for set up instructions for email clients.

4. Protect your Google Token! The number one tip to protecting your identity protecting your passwords. For more information on protecting yourself online.

Change Your Google Token

You use the same token to set up either your mail client(s) or mobile device(s). If you do not remember your token and need to set up a new mobile device or email client, you can change your Google Token. 

  1. In the Self Service section of, under the heading "Personal Account Security Settings", you will see the option to "Activate Google Token".  This displays a NEW 16 character string.  

Once you click Activate, your existing token is no longer valid and any devices currently using the old token will need to be reconfigured with the new Google Token.  

We recommend you store your Google Token somewhere safe if you need to set up multiple devices or clients.

Screenshot of Personal Account Security Settings

Watch the Activate Google Token Video (1:09)