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Gmail and G Suite Training

In-Class Training Sessions

Computing and Communications Services is pleased to offer G Suite hands-on training sessions open to all employees and graduate students. G Suite have been widely adopted across the university for the many ways they facilitate modern work culture and communication.

These interactive training sessions provide participants with the opportunity for hands-on learning, leading to improved efficiency and productivity for both individuals and teams.

Visit the Learning Events Calendar Technology page to browse current offerings and register for a session.


Online Training through LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formerly offers free, unlimited access to high quality, skills focused online learning available to all Ryerson students, faculty and staff. You can earn a Linkedin Learning Certificate when you complete a course. Below is a curated list of G Suite apps training courses relevant to the apps available at Ryerson University.

For login information and account set up, please see the Get Started page on LinkedIn Learning at Ryerson University.

Discover ways to use and organize your files and folders online inside Google Drive. Beginning with a basic overview of how Google drive works, productivity expert and professional organizer Suzanna Kaye moves on to an exploration of unique features and shares her simple search-based filing system that makes working with Google Drive fast and easy. Suzanna also covers common mistakes to avoid, troubleshooting, and how to share files with others.

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) was designed with collaboration in mind. In this course, learn how to fully leverage the collaboration features offered in this popular cloud-based productivity platform. Dan Gookin offers tips for maximum team productivity using the G Suite apps, explaining how to partner with colleagues on documents, manage files and folders as a team on Google Drive, and use Google Meet to get together and share ideas. Plus, he demonstrates how to create a shared schedule, use Google Sites to create webpages for sharing documents, use Google Slides to give presentations, and more.

Please note not all features in the training videos are available using your Ryerson Gmail account (ie. confidential mode, Gmail offline). In addition, some features have updated names such as Google Labs is now referred to as Advanced in the Gmail Settings.

Learn how to make the most of Gmail, the free and powerful email service from Google. In this course, Jess Stratton shows how to best organize and work with your inbox, search email, and use shortcuts so you're more productive and effective. You can also learn how to configure your Gmail account and settings—from changing themes to adding additional email accounts. Then find out how to keep track of your most important contacts and how to text and video chat with others using the Google Chat feature. Jess also shows you some of the cool extras, such as vacation responders and signatures, and demonstrates how to access your Gmail account offline and on mobile devices.

Being a Gmail master means having the tools to concentrate on the most important messages, fight spam, and easily share files. This course helps Gmail power users get even more out of Google's popular email platform. Jess Stratton offers Gmail tips and tricks to manage the inbox layout, set up other email accounts within Gmail, and get organized with labels, stars, and filters. She shows how to "undo" email when you press Send too quickly, unsubscribe from newsletters, switch between different Gmail accounts, and log out remotely when your account is compromised. The training also shows how to integrate Gmail with other Google platforms, include Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Voice.

Google is rolling out a number of useful new features to Gmail in 2018. In this short course, Nick Brazzi gives a quick tour of all the changes, including new shortcuts, smart replies, Confidential Mode (which lets you send emails that are unforwardable and unprintable), the email snooze button, email nudging, and more. Plus, learn how to update your Gmail interface and toggle between the new and classic views.

Manage your personal and professional schedules more effectively with Google Calendar. In this concise course, staff instructor Jess Stratton shows how to get started scheduling events, keeping track of your to-dos, and accessing it all on the go. Jess begins by showing how to change the way Google Calendar looks and acts to make it better suit your needs. Next, she moves straight into creating single or repeating events, inviting guests, and adding rooms and resources to an event. She demonstrates how to respond to invitations, and covers the ins and outs of pop-up reminders and email notifications. Jess also shows how to create an additional calendar, share your calendar with others, and access your Google Calendar on your phone or tablet.

Boost your productivity by going beyond basic Google Calendar features. In this course, Jess Stratton helps you become a Google Calendar power user. She demonstrates how to create events with video capabilities, change event time zone settings, and she takes you beyond individual events into managing your entire calendar. She shows you how to use Agenda view and enable different Google Labs to keep yourself on track. You'll also see how to share your calendar with others, embed it on a website, create available appointment slots, and use your calendar in coordination with other Google products.

Google Sheets is a feature-rich, cloud-based spreadsheet application that allows you to format and analyze all kinds of data. In this course, author Sally Norred shows you how to get the most from Google Sheets. Discover how to get around the interface, enter and work with data, and use formatting and function features, and learn smart ways to make your data work for you. Plus, see how to work with your spreadsheet data on the go with the Google Sheets mobile app.

Get the most out of Google Sheets. Author Jess Stratton provides helpful tips and tricks to boost your productivity, from leveraging Google's wide array of templates and sharing spreadsheets to creating interactive charts and applying conditional formatting. Learn how to use powerful formulas and functions, add data validation, create surveys and charts, and expand the functionality of Google Sheets with add-ons.

Many beginning and intermediate Google Sheets users are familiar with basic functions and formulas, but have no experience with the more advanced calculations the program offers. In this course, Curt Frye walks through the intermediate and advanced functions for summarizing data, performing statistics, analyzing financial data, and more. Learn how to use references and named ranges; apply mathematical functions to multiply, round, and count values; identify outliers and rank values; calculate investments and loan payments; determine dates and times; look up values based on multiple criteria; and summarize arrays of data.

Google Sheets users can leverage pivot tables to create useful summaries to gain insights into their business data. Follow along with Curt Frye as he shows how to summarize and rearrange data dynamically with pivot tables. Learn how to lay out your data, create the pivot table, edit the data source, add custom calculated fields, and sort and filter data to display exactly the information you need.

Take a closer look at Google Docs and discover how to build and share documents with rich formatting, images, and tables. In this course, Jess Stratton shows how to get around the web-based interface, create new documents, and add features such as footnotes, headers and footers, and page numbering. You can also see how to make your documents more engaging by adding images, Google drawing objects, and tables. Then learn how to share docs with others—for real-time, simultaneous collaboration—and take your docs on the go with the Google Docs app for mobile devices.

Get the most out of Google Docs, the popular word processing app, including its advanced formatting options and collaboration features. Author Jess Stratton provides a series of advanced tips and tricks to boost productivity, from adding fonts and auto-substituting text to working with images and translating documents. Learn how to download docs in different formats, including Word and PDF; tag colleagues in comments; and integrate with other Google Apps, such as Maps and Drawings.

Learn how to make your documents more readable and engaging with the formatting tools in Google Docs. Follow along with Jess Stratton as she shows how to format text and images, create custom styles, and adjust document flow and spacing with margins, breaks, and columns. Then learn how to make your documents more professional with elements such as headers and footers, page numbering, and a table of contents, and expand your creative options with free Google fonts. Jess also shows how to reuse and remove existing formatting, as well as save custom formatting in a template.

Google Forms allows you to create surveys quickly and easily. In this course, LinkedIn staff instructor Jess Stratton shows you everything you need to know to build forms and collect data from Google Forms—either on your own or with your team. She walks you through the process of building forms in Google, including how to add questions, insert images and videos, and invite others to collaborate on the form. Next, Jess covers how to work with your survey responses, including customizing response settings, sending the form to recipients, viewing and analyzing response data, and closing out the form to prevent future responses.

Learn how to create high-impact presentations with Google Slides. Follow along with staff instructor Jess Stratton as she shows how to plan and build a presentation. Jess shows how to get started with a template or create a new slideshow from scratch. She covers adding and formatting text, working with images and shapes, and inserting video, diagrams, and charts. She also shows how to increase engagement with animation, collaborate with others in real time, download slides to your desktop, and use Presenter view to run the show.

Learn how to create and share webpages with Google Sites, the fun, free, and easy-to-use tool that comes bundled with your Google account. Jess Stratton will show you how to create Google sites from scratch or from a gallery template, create a blog for your site, and build a "file cabinet" area to store and share files. She'll also get you started adding content—from working with text and links, to embedding YouTube videos and Google calendars. Plus, learn how to customize the layout and configure the navigation, and set up permissions to make your site as public or as private as you'd like.

Customizable individual or team workshops

If you have specific training needs that are not covered by the G Suite training sessions, you can request a customized workshop for yourself or your team. Please contact the CCS Help Desk at or 416-979-5000, ext. 556806 with the details of your request.