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Board of Governors Elections 2021

The Ryerson University Board of Governors thanks all those who participated and voted in the 2021 Faculty, Staff and Student Elections. We are excited to announce and welcome the new Faculty, Staff and Student representatives. The elected will start their term on September 1, 2021.

Seth Dworkin

Platform Statement:

It would be a privilege and honour to serve the faculty on the Ryerson Board of Governors. My platform for running is based on:

• Listening to You – Our faculty know what types of resources and supports are needed to achieve academic excellence in our return to post-pandemic normalcy. I’ll help ensure that the faculty tell the board what we need, and are heard.

• Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – Ryerson must continue on a path towards making higher education and SRC, fully accessible, inclusive, and equitable to everyone.

• Supporting our Academic Mission – Ryerson must focus on supporting excellent teaching and SRC in diverse fields, recognizing a wide range of knowledge types.


I am passionate about serving Ryerson. I ask for your support to serve on the Ryerson Board of Governors.

I am currently serving as a Dimensions Faculty Chair and I am fully devoted to EDI. I constantly work to ally with students and colleagues with different backgrounds and perspectives. I will ensure that EDI principles are central to EVERY Ryerson initiative. Education must be inclusive to ALL, with special focus on systemic barriers and those historically marginalized and deprived of equity. Diversity is our strength and our ethical imperative. I will bring this viewpoint to the Board of Governors.

I have extensive service experience, including on the DHC, DEC, search committees for chairs, Associate Deans, and VPs. I have volunteered for faculty orientation and workshops. I believe in lifelong learning through doing, and I will bring my passion and devotion to the Board of Governors.

I have secured over $5M in external support, supervised 19 URAs, 21 masters, 10 PhDs, and 8 postdocs. I have published more than 50 journal papers. I know what faculty need to be successful in SRC, and I will bring that perspective to the Board of Governors.

The faculty are the backbone of this university and deserve a loud voice. Has your department been historically under-resourced? Do we need a special SRC fund to help re-establish experiments after labs reopen? I want to hear about that. I will ensure that we move forward in a direction dictated by the faculty and their academic needs.

Michael Kolios

Platform Statement:

- I have been representing faculty interests at many levels of our institution for over 20 years and will ensure these interests are represented in the decision making at the Board level, especially as we will be returning to the workplace after the pandemic.

- I will ensure that matters related to Scholarly, Research and Creative activities and Graduate Studies are strongly considered in the strategic planning, risk management, and financial management activities of the Board.

- I can contribute to governance of the University at the Board level using my many years of experience to assess situations, integrate perspectives, communicate effectively, build consensus, and advocate for the needs of University.


I am a full professor in the Department of Physics. I have been a witness, and active participant, in the extraordinary changes of the past 24 years, giving me a broad understanding of academic governance and Ryerson’s administrative operations. I have a strong familiarity with the historical context and evolutionary pressures that have shaped Ryerson which will help inform the board decision-making. This perspective is especially important as we will be returning to the workplace after the pandemic.

I am a current member of the board, have served on numerous committees and have held several University (and international) leadership positions. At Ryerson, I have been Assistant Chair, Graduate Program Director, an elected member of the Senate and Secretary (and member of the executive) of the Ryerson Faculty Association. I am currently the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Science and co-director at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology, (a partnership between Ryerson and St. Michael’s Hospital).

The broad skills I have developed over the last two decades, and the leadership positions I have held, have given me key insights that I can contribute to the Board. I believe that my indefatigable advocacy for the student and faculty experience, especially as related to research and graduate studies, is critical in this current era of uncertainty in post-secondary (& post-pandemic) funding. My academic and administrative experience will position me well as a credible, and influential voice on the Board.

Marcelle Mullings

Platform Statement:

Recognized for collaborative leadership and partnerships based on my work at multiple institutions
Inspired by a sense of service and purpose to understand and represent staff perspective and priorities
Believe in an inclusive community that values the role staff play in creating exceptional student experiences


My name is Marcelle Mullings and I am running for the position of staff representative on the Board of Governors.

As a Black undergraduate student at a predominantly white campus, I struggled to find a sense of belonging and it inspired me to pursue a career in post-secondary education where I could help students, particularly equity deserving students, navigate the challenges of adjusting to campus life.

As director of Student Housing and Community Care, this ethos still guides my work everyday. Our programs are student-centred and we are committed to building inclusive supports that promote community safety and well-being. Underpinning the values that guide my work is my commitment to lead with care and empathy - always listening and engaging with students and staff for deeper understanding to better serve the community.

I have over twenty years of experience working at four PSE institutions. I am deeply committed to collaborative governance that includes opportunities for community engagement and consultation. Should I be elected my promise to you is I will listen with an open mind and heart to ensure that we are staying true to our core values and principles, especially as we navigate this time of great change in Higher Education.

My five years at Ryerson have been significant and valuable in my career journey. It would be a privilege to serve the community and work collaboratively to ensure that Ryerson remains an exemplar and financially strong institution at this very critical time.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Hiba Al-Jarrah

Platform Statement:

1. I am first and foremost for the students. I will make sure student’s voices are heard when the Board of Governors is making any decision regarding the advancement of Ryerson University.

2. I will advocate to improve student’s employment opportunities by developing more business partnerships for student internships.

3. I will advocate to reduce the financial strains of COVID-19 on Ryerson students by expanding the emergency relief fund and by creating more scholarship opportunities.


Hiba Al-Jarrah is a second year Biomedical Science Co-op student pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is running for a board member position at Ryerson’s Board of Governors for the year 2021-2022. The name of her campaign is “Students First”.

Currently, Hiba Al-Jarrah is a Speaker Relations Associate for the executive team of Ryerson Women in Leadership (RWIL), where she recruits industry speakers who will mentor and empower women at RWIL’s events. Prior to joining RWIL’s executive team, Hiba Al-Jarrah was elected to serve on the executive team of Ryerson’s Debate Association (RDA) as the Associate Vice President of Equity. In this role, she ensured students debated respectfully. Most recently, Hiba Al-Jarrah founded a food social enterprise that sells pretzels. A portion of her enterprise’s profits is donated to people in need.

During her high school years in Jordan, Hiba Al-Jarrah was a manager at “Idea on the Go”. As a manager, she taught Syrian refugees English and internet research skills. Hiba Al-Jarrah was also a volunteer at “Atfaluna” where she took Syrian refugee children from their refugee camps to their medical appointments. Moreover, Hiba Al-Jarrah volunteered at “JYLP” by helping fundraise $1500 to buy winter jackets for refugee children. In addition to being involved in community service during high school, Hiba Al-Jarrah was a peer counsellor. As a peer counsellor, she collaborated with her school’s counsellors to support the mental health of students by meeting with students who are experiencing emotional difficulties and offering guidance.

Trinity Ho

Platform Statement:

- My main goal as a member of the Board of Governors is to make sure the budget is used responsibly and also to channel my passion for EDI into my work.

- As a board of governors member I will work to ensure that the University is accountable and transparent for its actions


Hi everyone! My name is Trinity Ho, and I am in the Urban and Regional Planning Program As a member of the Board of Governors, I aim to hear all student's voices and make sure that all your issues are brought to the table. I am currently on the Steering Committee for the Faculty of Community Services Society and pushing for a referendum to make it an official student society. I also have experience in policymaking and editing policies as part of my job as Co-Chair for the Governance and Policy Subcommittee. I am especially passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion policies as well as ensuring events that are hosted by the student society are accessible and cater to those with visible or invisible disabilities.

Christopher Randall

Platform Statement:

I will advocate for sustainable practices and sustainable development as Ryerson continues to grow and develop. Within campus life, completing new buildings, as well as purchasing patterns all have room to become even more sustainable, saving the University expense in the long-term.

LGBTQ2+, BIPOC and Indigenous students deserve more representation and safe spaces on campus. With any discussion surrounding student life, on-campus projects, as well as any structural changes within governance structures at Ryerson, I will fight for equity-based positions to be present to ensure representation is at the table.

Operating in a world of COVID-19, many students have had to adjust their study habits, their living circumstances, and have experienced financial hardships, however, the tuition costs have remained high. I will strive to advocate for any reductions possible across campus, in various forms of more grants for textbook and material expenses, better access to required software and subscriptions that used to be accessible within an on-campus lab. Students need to have strong representation at the Board of Governors as we are first-hand experiencing how our education and student life is being impacted


I have studied at Ryerson University since Fall 2017- since then I have completed an undergraduate degree within the Faculty of Arts, and am currently completing my Masters of Applies Science. Within this time, I have sat on the Ryerson Liberal Arts Society as the Vice President of Operations, sat on the RSU’s Board of Directors as a Faculty of Arts Director, been apart of my Department’s Program Council, as well as worked as a Student Ambassador giving campus tours and working on recruitment events. More recently I have helped the Graduate Students’ Union with their referendum and currently sit on the EnSciMan Grad Council. Through my involvement in the Ryerson Community across the program, faculty, and university-wide levels, I have the experience and expertise to give a well-rounded view on topics relating to undergraduate, graduate and staff decisions. I have the governance experience to be an active member within the Board of Governors- and want to prioritize advocating for student life and student choice when it comes to extracurriculars. Being a member of the LGBTQ2+, I strive to ensure equity, diversity and representation are present within every space I enter. I have the passion for bettering this university, the experience to effectively do this job, and the dedication to equity to ensure nothing goes left unsaid. I am happy to answer any of your questions, please feel more than welcome to contact me at and follow my campaign page- @VoteChrisRandall on Instagram

Osama Ahmed

Platform Statement:

- enhance and increase alumni participation
- alumni grants
- create strong connections


My name is Osama Ahmad and I’m an alumni from the faculty of engineering. I would be honoured to represent the alumni interests as a board of governors representative. My student involved with engineers without borders, SIF & Ashoka gave me invaluable experience within the student community that informed me on various issues that are important to current students and graduating students. In this position, I would work hard to represent the alumni's interests on the BOG and ensure we are heard.

Syeda Jaana Ali 

Platform Statement:

I believe in unity on campus and giving a fair go and say despite gender, nationality, race, religion, or belief.


Hello! My name is Syeda Jaana Ali, feel free to use 'Jaana'. I am running for the position of Alumni BOG. I am a graduate from the class of 2020 in Project Management. As I believe it is vital to empower the student body with a voice that will stand up for their rights. The cost of living pressures and the crucial issue for the students, if I get elected I will ensure that these costs are reduced. I believe in unity on campus and giving a fair go and say despite gender, nationality, race, religion, or belief.
I can make your voice reach to the right place and I speak your language.
1- Adequate transport measures and facility
2- Get more sports involvement
3- Student control on student affairs
4- An inclusive campus for all people
5- Better and more affordable services on campus, such as parking, food.
6- For a more environmentally sustainable campus
A vote for student action is a vote for a more democratic affordable and inclusive university.
A vote for me is a vote for someone who will work hard to represent you and remember a vote for me is a vote for you!!!

Erika Montisano (candidacy voluntarily withdrawn)

Khatera Noor (candidacy voluntarily withdrawn)

Ryan Rodrigues

Platform Statement:

  •  Supporting student access, quality, and success;
  •  Driving creativity, innovation, knowledge, and community engagement through teaching and research;
  •  Focusing on Ryerson’s strengths and unwavering commitment: to inclusion, belonging and citizenship and to advancing democratic principals, values, and processes.


As a Ryerson alumnus and former Ryerson staff-elected board governor (2002-2003), Ryan is committed to continuing his work with the Board, Senate (2000-2004, 2015-2017), students, staff, faculty, alumni, donors and friends of Ryerson.

Further, it is Ryan’s intent to support the academy in realizing the vision to have Ryerson recognized as a leading comprehensive innovation university and a national leader in high-quality professional and career-related bachelor, masters, and doctoral programs, and relevant research.

Ryan’s governance and financial stewardship experience will enable him to identify, track, and address financial pressures and sustainability issues.

Specifically at Ryerson, as a previous member of the Board of Governors Executive and Finance Committees, where the effective and efficient use of donor, government and student resources or decisions impacting upon these are monitored, he contributed to maximizing the value and impact of investments made in the post-secondary education system. He is a recipient of Ryerson’s Dennis Mock Student Leadership Award, the CESAR President’s Award and Ryerson’s Walter Pittman Award for academic excellence and community involvement.

Ryan is a senior administrator in post-secondary, independent school and not-for-profit sectors and he has served on over fifteen boards. He currently volunteers with a number of organizations, including three boards and he has received two Chair appointments by the Ontario Lieutenant Governor in Council (LGIC).

Ryan’s career in education has been fuelled by the goal of financial sustainability to ensure that all qualified students have access to a full range of affordable, high-quality post-secondary education options, now and in the future.

Darius Sookram

Platform Statement:

1.  Create, develop, and institute online events and activities that engage alumni in a meaningful way that promotes inclusion and networking.

2.  Produce and support university to create surveys and questionnaires that solicit current alumni needs, relevant postgraduate trends, and future engagement opportunities.

3.  Recommend and push for diversity, inclusion, and equity services that would include accessible resources for Ryerson community members, including alumni. 


Darius Sookram is an award winning and goal oriented leader who cares deeply about social justice and Canadian innovation. He is a proud Markham resident and Ryerson University alumnus. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and also received a Masters of Arts in Public Policy and Administration.

Over the years, Darius has provided leadership in corporate, government, and higher education sectors. In all of his roles he has used his passion for people to fuel inclusive environments that empower others to spark change. As president of Entelechy, he works with organizations to serve communities by fostering meaningful relationships, establishing positive government relations, and developing equity-based policies.

As a champion for diversity he advises the City of Markham as a member of the Race Relations Committee. He has brought forward important topics like #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate because these humanitarian issues shape our Canadian identity. As a global citizen, he seeks to change the stigma of refugees with his work at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees Canada.

In his personal time Darius enjoys basketball, food experiments, soca music, travel, and (instead of spending time with family and friends) surviving isolated COVID lockdowns!

Linkedin:, external link
Twitter:, external link

Donate to UNHCR Canada:, external link

Charles Tam

Platform Statement:

I stand to represent the best shared interests of students, alumni, educators, our community, and the Ryerson institution at large by taking informed risk-based approaches towards the strategic decisions needed in these coming years.

Across the spectrum of private business, non-profit, and public members of our community, it will remain increasingly important to further enhance and expand our mutually beneficial partnerships to enable Ryerson's sustainable growth and reputation, both domestic and globally.

These recent periods of uncertainty are now transitioning to a period of renewed opportunities to make strategic investments, expand partnerships, and enhancing the diligent efforts towards ensuring that Ryerson University continues to be the center of advancement and applied knowledge for future generations.


Charles Tam is a Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Edwards Lifesciences in Canada. Charles has held progressively senior leadership roles within the Medical Technology industry sector at Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, and presently is part of the Canadian Leadership Team at Edwards.

He is deeply passionate about higher education, lifelong learning, and fostering professional development. He has contributed to and co-authored several specialized chapters in professional publications relating to Regulatory Intelligence, Business Strategy, and professional fundamentals within the sector. He sits on the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, based in Rockville, MA. At MedTech Canada, the leading Canadian medical device industry association, he holds a seat on the Steering Committee, Regulatory Affairs Committee, chairs a Sub-Committee, and routinely represents industry interests at bilateral meetings with government health regulators. He is also a Regulatory Advisor at the Termerty Faculty of Medicine's H2i Health Innovation Hub at the University of Toronto.

Charles is a Ryerson alumnus having previously served on the Ryerson Senate in 2017 for a two-year term, he holds a Honours Bachelors of Science from the University of Toronto, and graduated from the Ted Rogers School of Management in 2016 completing a Master of Business Administration.

Critical Dates 2021



February 1, 2021      Staff, Faculty, Student and Alumni Nominations Open
February 4, 2021 - 12:00 p.m. All Candidate Information Session
February 5, 2021 - 4:00 p.m     All Candidate Information Session
February 10, 2021 - 12:00 p.m   Close of Nominations for Staff, Faculty, Students and Alumni
February 11, 2021 - 12:00 p.m or 4:00 p.m  Mandatory Student Nominee Session
February 12, 2021    Proclamation of Candidates
February 12, 2021     Campaigning is permitted
February 22, 2021     Alumni Slate proclaimed
March 1-4, 2021      Voting period for Staff, Faculty and Students
March 5, 2021         Staff, Faculty, Student Election Results are posted
June 11-22, 2021     Voting period for Alumni
June 23, 2021         Alumni Election Results are posted

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