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Interim Associate Dean, Students Affairs

Dr. Janice Waddell, Interim Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Working closely with the Vice-Provost and Dean, the Associate Dean, Students Affairs, provides leadership and support in building a graduate student culture and community that enriches student experience and engagement. This includes activities such as the 3-Minute Thesis Competition, GRADCafé, GRADTalks and GRAD Contests. In addition, the Associate Dean ensures all policies pertaining to student affairs are appropriately reviewed and revised through community consultation, and guides and supports the resolution of complex student issues.  

About Dr. Janice Waddell

An associate professor in the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing and former associate dean for the Faculty of Community Services, Dr. Janice Waddell has extensive teaching and curriculum development experience in graduate education. Her research focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning, and the impact of experiential learning on bridging the theory-practice gap. Dr. Waddell’s contributions to education have been recognized through numerous industry awards, as well as the Ryerson Provost’s Innovative Teaching Award and Chancellor’s Award of Distinction.

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