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YSGS Reports

As part of the process for self-evaluation, strategic planning, and establishing best practices, the Yeates School of Graduate Studies (YSGS) regularly completes reports that include internal and external scans of a variety of topics. These reports may be completed by working groups, committees, task forces, or staff teams and they provide opportunities to highlight best practices, to celebrate accomplishments, and to outline recommendations for continued enhancement of the graduate student experience at Ryerson.

In response to the release of the Ryerson's Building a New Foundation for Generations to Come report, YSGS began evaluating how to address a number of the next steps and recommendations that apply to the work we do. This report and framework is the product of our initial evaluation of the current state of graduate education at Ryerson, within Canada, and internationally in regards to truth and reconciliation. It also includes a framework for moving forward with our commitments to truth and reconciliation.

The YSGS Council sub-committee for Academic Accommodation and Consideration for Graduate Students was struck in 2019, in part, to conduct a review of access to graduate education, and the supports available for graduate students with disabilities. This report reflects the first steps of this process of review and provides recommendations for making continued progress.

The impact of COVID-19 in Spring 2020 necessitated the need for a rapid shift from in-person graduate education to online programming and delivery. These reports include internal and external scans of best practices and provide recommendations for future enhancement of ongoing graduate-level online teaching/learning and co-curricular student engagement. The best practices outlined in these reports provide YSGS with clear direction and opportunities for continued development, engagement, and innovation in online programming.