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Ryerson's Aerospace Engineering

Aircraft design, development and production have been an important part of the Toronto area's history for over 85 years. Canada's first aircraft factory opened in Toronto in 1915. Since then, 11,200 aircraft have been delivered to customers in more than 100 countries.

Ryerson’s Department of Aerospace Engineering is located in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, a state-of-the-art building opened in 2004 and located at the heart of downtown Toronto. The Department has a high reputation among the aerospace community, and has contributed in the development of strategic plans for promoting the health and growth of aerospace in Ontario and Canada.

The graduate program focuses on the intellectual development of graduate student as the primary commitment and objective whereby students will learn how to think critically and independently about specific problems (or projects) in the various graduate courses provided.


The applicant may choose one of the following fields:

Aerodynamics and Propulsion Group (AP)

Nonlinear Aeroelasticity, Propulsion System Research,Cooling of Gas Turbine Components, Thermal Management in Aerospace Systems, Wind Turbines, CFD Algorithms, Applied Aerodynamics Research, and Inverse Design of Transonic Blades.

Research Facilities: Propulsion Research Facility, Aero-Thermal Management Laboratory, Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel, High-Speed Gasdynamics Laboratory, Aerospace Computational Laboratory.


Aerospace Structures and Aerospace Manufacturing Group (ASAM)

Characterisation, Modeling and Analysis of Aerospace Advanced Materials & Structures in Design and Manufacturing, Computational Methods in Composite Airframes, Laser Micro Machining, Manufacturing and Automation.

Research Facilities:
FRAMES Components and Materials Testing Facility, Aerospace Biomechanics Laboratory, and Aerospace Stress Analysis Laboratory.


Avionics and Aerospace Systems Group (AAS)

Instrumentation, Spacecraft Dynamics & Control, Control Systems Development for Robotics & Aerospace Systems, Advanced Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics, Innovative Computer Vision Algorithms for Unmanned Space Operations.

Research Facilities:
Space Avionics and Instrumentation Laboratory (SAIL), Aerospace Vision Management Lab, Aerospace Systems and Control Laboratory, Avionics & Systems/Flight Mechanics Laboratory and Ryerson Satellite Attitude Control Experiment (RACE).