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Ryerson's Aerospace Engineering

Please note: Although the first consideration application deadline is January 22nd, 2018, we will still accept applications for Fall 2018 until June 1st for int'l applicants and August 1st for landed/domestic applicants!


Our Aerospace Design Management diploma program is aimed at engineers or other technical professionals who wish to advance their careers in Aerospace or move into the sector without the commitment to a full Master's degree.

This diploma arises from the need for aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers to conform to strict certification guidelines on the manufacturing, design, reliability, and systems integration of commercial aircraft. Training on aircraft certification and how it affects the design and manufacturing process is traditionally not provided to any great extent in undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Since the commercial aircraft manufacturing sector is the most heavily regulated and scrutinized of all transportation manufacturing industries, any professional with advanced knowledge of design for certification will be an asset.

The program provides understanding of current aircraft certification regulations, reliability analysis, aircraft systems integration, and advanced manufacturing processes. The diploma program is offered from September to April and consists of four courses, with each one running one day per week for twelve consecutive weeks. Courses are provided in the early evening in order to accommodate the schedules of those presently employed. Program courses were created in consultation with the Canadian Aerospace industry and with consideration of aircraft certification regulations required by Canadian law.

Application Checklist

Who should register?

The Aerospace Professional Master's Diploma in Aerospace Design Management is intended for:

  • Technical staff employed in the Aerospace sector who wish to upgrade their knowledge of aircraft certification, reliability and safety, systems integration, and manufacturing processes, and do not wish commit to the time and expense of a full Master's degree.
  • Technical staff employed in the Aerospace sector who wish more in depth training than that provide by corporations.
  • Technical staff employed in the Aerospace sector who wish to gain further knowledge as a preparation for career advancement.
  • Technical staff employed in the Aerospace sector within a small or medium size corporation who need further training to interact more effectively with government and larger corporations on aircraft manufacturing and design contracts.
  • Individuals with a technical background that wish to enter the Aerospace sector and are looking for additional specific training to give themselves an edge.

Admissions Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree in either Aerospace, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering, and
  • A grade point average or equivalent in the last two years of undergraduate study of 3.00/4.33 or B.

Diploma Requirements

The successful completion of four courses and a PMD report.

Recommended Sequence

Students are advised to take the diploma requirements in the following sequence:

Fall Term: AE8201, AE8202

Winter Term: AE8203, AE8141, AE8200

Required Courses

AE8200 Diploma Report

AE8201 Aircraft Certification

AE8202 Aircraft Safety & Reliability

AE8203 Aircraft Systems Integration

AE8141 Advanced Aircraft Manufacturing

Diploma Report

As part of the diploma requirements, each student will submit a comprehensive report on a topic of their choosing which encompasses one or more themes of the diploma program. Students can develop an analysis or review of a specific topic that relies on knowledge of aircraft certification, reliability, systems integration, manufacturing, or a combination of these subjects. Students with direct industrial involvement can develop a topic related to their own personal experience. Details of the report length and format will be provided on the Aerospace PMD program website.

Graduation Requirements

Once all four courses are successfully completed and the report submission is passed, the student earns a Professional Master's Diploma in Aerospace Design Management.



For information about the program or student support, please contact either:

Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program
Department of Aerospace Engineering, ENG158
Ryerson University, George Vari Bldg.
245 Church Street
Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416)979-5000, ext. 2790
Fax: (416)979-5153


Dr. Paul Walsh
Chair, Department of Aerospace Engineering, ENG170
Ryerson University, George Vari Bldg.
245 Church Street
Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416)979-5000, ext. 7729
Fax: (416)979-5153