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Graduate Academic Calendar

Important disclaimer

PDF fileRegistrar's Notice of Collection and Use of Student Personal Information

Ryerson University reserves the right to change, without notice, any information appearing in the graduate studies calendar(s) pertaining to the requirements for the continuation of study in, and the requirements for the granting of degrees in any of its graduate programs. Ryerson reserves the right to withdraw or cancel programs or courses that are under enrolled. Ryerson reserves the right to make such changes in rules, regulations and promotional policies as may be required.

Course descriptions are provided in the calendar as a matter of general information to assist present and prospective students in selecting their programs of study. While these descriptions are accurate as of the date of publication, students are cautioned that actual course content and the hours and type of instruction may vary from the listing in the calendar or from other course management information made available.

It is the responsibility of each full-time graduate student to access the updated graduate calendar each year, and follow their curriculum as stated.

It is the responsibility of each part-time graduate student to complete the curriculum for their program as set out in the edition of the graduate calendar of the year they were admitted to their program, unless stated otherwise.

Academic definitions

Prerequisite: Student must pass Course A before taking Course B.

Corequisite: Student must take Course A prior to or concurrently with Course B.

Course Credits: One course credit is equivalent to a one-term course taken for one term. It has a course weight of 1.00 for the purpose of GPA calculations. One module is equivalent to half of a one-term course and is normally taught in a 6 week session.

Antirequisite: Students may not enrol in a course which lists, as an Antirequisite, one which they are also taking or in which they have already obtained standing.

Pass/Fail Courses: Are not included in GPA calculations, but are included in promotion status.

Milestone: a Milestone is a component of a program which is required for graduation, but is not offered in a traditional in-class course framework. Examples are theses, major research papers, major projects, comprehensive and candidacy examinations, dissertations, and WHIMIS certification.

The following course descriptions are a guide to courses offered through the program from time to time. Not all courses will be offered every year. Courses are offered subject to faculty availability and are subject to change without notice.

Courses followed by a second course number in brackets indicate that the course is offered through a joint program with another university. For example: CC8900 (CMCT 6000 3.0) Core Issues in Cultural Studies, indicates that the bracketed number is used at York University in the joint Ryerson/York Communication and Culture Program.

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