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Grad Study Space

Take advantage of special areas reserved for graduate students 

Grad Study Space, the Student Learning Centre

Dedicated study areas for graduate students are available on the seventh floor of the Student Learning Centre (SLC) at Yonge and Gould, and the refreshed GRADSpace at 111 Gerrard St. East.

Grad students can access the SLC Graduate Study Room (SLC-713) using their OneCard. Nicknamed “The Forest,” the seventh floor of the SLC also features a large Silent Study Room (SLC-720) and 30 bookable external,Collaborative and Group Work Rooms.  

GRADSpace features two study areas on Level 1 of 111 Gerrard (accessible via stairs or elevator). Both areas can be used for collaborative and group work as well. The larger room is also suitable for hosting seminars and events. Access is granted via OneCard.