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Ryerson Master of Digital Media
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The digital economy is here and the future belongs to people with the unique ability to develop and expand solid business ideas and models through and with the implementation of global digital media.

If you are a motivated person with a propensity to question and challenge, then you will derive invaluable benefits from this program.

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning

The Master of Digital Media program involves extensive project-based experiences and entrepreneurial simulations and tutorials through which students acquire valuable academic and applied knowledge of the digital media industry.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Students will be immersed in comprehensive study of business, art, design and technology intended to stimulate entrepreneurial and 21st century leadership.

Katlynn Sverko


Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries at Ryerson University


Anything and everything! For the purposes of the MDM program, I created Build for All, an online web platform aimed at making startups more accessible. In addition to my master's work I have been working as a project manager for MenuVox, an accessibility platform aimed at individuals with vision-loss to make the dine out experience inclusive.

I have also recently been brought on to an entertainment firm as Project Director of Marketing and Social Media for Online Business. It is an exciting time to be in Digital Media!


Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Accessibility, and Project Management

Why Digital Media:

Digital media evolves with the times. It deals with everything and anything digital. Digital media will be relevant as long as there is a digital space to create and improve upon. I can't think of anything better for job security than to already be into a field that is adopting and scaling, so long as you are in tune with the changes. If humans continue to use the internet and technology, there will be a reason to pursue digital media. You have the ability to shape your future and impact those around you, just ensure you have human-centric focus.

Favourite Course

Themed Entertainment with Dr. Kathryn Woodcock. She is a wealth of knowledge and gives unique insights into the world of themed entertainment and attractions.



Welcome MDM 5.0!

August 29, 2017

The Ryerson Masters in Digital Media faculty and staff would like to announce the start of our 5th academic year (2017 - 2018). Our program prides itself for its currency and innovative educational experiences in the fields of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the MDM5.0 cohort in taking this noteworthy step to define their unique paths. We encourage you to use your time with us to experience and experiment. This is your opportunity to be a trailblazer and define the future.

If you are interested in learning about the Masters in Digital Media program at Ryerson, head over to our About page or contact"

Digital Media Showcase 4.0: MDM Spotlight 2017

Another Successful Showcase! MDM 4.0 Present Spotlight 2017!

August 28, 2017

This past Wednesday at the Ryerson Image Centre, candidates from the fourth iteration of the Master of Digital Media Program presented Digital Media Showcase 4.0: MDM Spotlight 2017!

For the past year, students worked on unique, major research projects, ranging from 3D models of Egyptian relics to applications for visual based learners. The students that comprised MDM 4.0 are a blend of interactive storytellers, policy wonks, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, visual effects artists and everything in between, who bring unique perspectives to the digital media industry.

Some of the topics presented at the Spotlight included:

  • Low Cost Electronic Tennis Officiating System Using Arduino Microcontroller and Digital Sensors,
  • Designing a Digital Space for Unconventional Learners,
  • Interactive Mediums in Museums,
  • Platforms and Tools for Independent Video Storytelling,
  • Using Instagram for Mobile Online Shopping, and
  • A Virtual Re-creation of El-Hibeh Temple in Egypt.

As well, attendees were treated to a special panel discussion on the future of Digital Media, featuring Gregory Levey, CEO of Figure 1, Maayan Ziv, CEO of AccessNow and Richard Lachman, Director of Zone Learning at Ryerson University. The panel, moderated by MDM 4.0's Kathryn McKenzie, discussed themes of Digital Media that students focused on during their year, such as Augmented & Virtual Reality, 360 Video Production, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Digital Education.

For those who couldn't attend, check out the official event hashtag #MDMSpotlight and website



Kimron Corion #IAmGrenadian

Kimron Corion Wins OECS 30 Under 30 Award

July 11, 2017

Kimron Corion, a student from the Master of Digital Media Program at Ryerson University, was selected by the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) Commission as one of the winners of the recently concluded OECS 30 under 30 Campaign. The OECS 30 Under 30 initiative will recognize 30 young entrepreneurs, under the age of 30, as examples of youth success in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can be from any discipline/industry including, but not limited to, Art & Fashion Design, Business, Technology, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Social Development, and Entertainment. Kimron Corion as selected for his project I Am Grenadian ( Incubated in Ryerson's University Transmedia Zone.

Aside from the kudos of being chosen within the 30 Under 30 cohort, Kimron will also be part of a very exciting entrepreneurship development program in the OECS. Through this program, Kimron and I Am Grenadian will:

  • Be accepted as a cohort for business support by the OECS Competitive Business Unit
  • Receive mentorship to aid their professional and business development
  • Receive technical assistance
  • Be assisted in sourcing markets and financial inputs

I Am Grenadian is an online digital publisher delivering stories and narrative driven social content to thousands of Grenadians and people interested in Grenada around the world. we’re dedicated to finding ways present an accurate narrative of our home country Grenada online. As social media consumers, we were not happy with the narrative which currently existed, it did not accurately reflect who we are as Grenadians and we so decided to be the change we wanted to see.

Started one year ago by Trisha Mitchell-Darius and Kimron Corion, I Am Grenadian now reaches over 100K Grenadians and people interested in Grenada online on a weekly basis through Social Media and website. We are a global storytelling community of Grenadians created for the social age. We highlight the accomplishments, culture and history of Grenada and Grenadians both on island and in the diaspora and challenge the status quo. We bring stories to the world that are shaping our country.

Below is a video made for the award ceremony on July 31st.



Nitish & Kimron Inteviewing Meredith Drost

Ryerson’s Virtual Studio lets the Public Co-Create the News

June 21, 2017

This past winter, Transmedia Zone Director & Associate Professor Ramona Pringle challenged her Interactive Storytelling class with the following question: What are the best solutions to engaging audiences in user-generated campaigns?

Partnering with CBC and White Pine Pictures, these students, including some of us in MDM, came up with an answer in the form of the Virtual Studio, a unique and innovative way of sharing stories stories of change-makers all across Canada.

What is the Virtual Studio?

The Virtual Studio, located on-campus at Ryerson University, allows students to use digital technology to co-create short films with collaborators located all across the country, mari usque ad mare. This project, known as We Are Canada, allows students' to apply their learnings in digital storytelling to the inspiring tales of their subjects. Although produced remotely, the collaborative nature of this project ensured that these videos were high quality.

Why Virtual Studio?

Video storytelling is typically done on location, allowing media-makers to film their subjects. However, students at Ryerson University are experimenting with a new storytelling method that enable co-creation of films remotely using digital technology. Their Virtual Studio makes it possible to bring untold stories from across Canada to audiences.

Besides setting a new bar for digital storytelling, students also learn skills that could give them a career advantage in the competitive world of broadcast journalism.

What were the results?

During the 30-day campaign, the student-created videos were viewed 44,788 times, and the project successfully engaged Canadians from coast to coast in voting for their favourite change-makers.

Where can I learn more?

Check out videos and more results of the project by visiting the Virtual Studio's homepage.






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