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Ryerson Master of Digital Media


Leading Digital Education

Ryerson’s Master of Digital Media is an intensive 12-month professional program designed to equip graduates with the skills and industry experience they will need as they launch into themselves into the digital media world. Whether our students plan to develop their own startup, work in the corporate world or go on to further studies; we provide the framework for success.

A New Interdisciplinary Approach

The program intersects three key areas of digital media: art & design, technology, and business & entrepreneurship. Gaining perspective in each of these areas will help you tackle problems from innovative angles.

This is as Real as it Gets

This program is like taking the industry for a spin. You’ll work on team-driven projects with real-world outcomes. Through prototyping and innovation, you’ll get first-hand insight into the challenges you’ll be dealing with when you graduate. 


"Bootstrapping" Encouraged

The MDM program is fully integrated into one of Canada’s largest startup incubators, the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University. You’ll work directly with a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs and have access to cutting-edge technologies, labs and resources. 





Expand Your Network

This is a networked industry. With only 35 spots available within the Master’s program, you’ll forge strong professional relationships, make valuable industry connections and team up with people you may work with down the road. 

Far-Reaching Faculty Expertise

Our faculty members are highly successful and passionate about entrepreneurship– with the experience to back it up. With broad expertise ranging from film studies and nanotechnology to privacy laws and e-commerce, this comprehensive foundation will prepare you for the future. 





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