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Ryerson Master of Digital Media


The MDM demands a base of highly successful and motivated researchers who want to communicate their ideas and passion to students. They also see their work in an entrepreneurial light. Our faculty members are familiar with the industry and have a deep knowledge of content in such areas as computer science, nanotechnology, wireless broadband networks, online identity construction, politics, film studies, rehabilitation engineering, privacy laws, e-commerce, etc. Ryerson is therefore able to draw on deep and broad faculty expertise in each of the three contributing areas (design, technology, and business) with the necessary connections to industry.


Photo of Dr. Alex Ferworn

Dr. Alex Ferworn

Program Director

Photo of Jason Boyd

Dr. Jason Boyd

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Photo of Ramona Pringle

Dr. Jaigris Hodson

Associate Member, YSGS


Dr. Richard Lachman

Associate Professor, RTA School of Media

Photo of: Hossein Rahnama

Dr. Hossein Rahnama

Assistant Professor, RTA School of Media

Photo of Am Sagarwala

Ahmed (Am) Sagarwala

Manager of Industry Relations


Michael Carter

Assistant Professor, Creative Industries

Naimul Khan, Assistant Professor in MDM.

Dr. Naimul Khan

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Photo of Ali Mazalek

Dr. Ali Mazalek

Associate Professor, CRC

Dr. Sean Wise

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy


Lissa Quaglia

Program Administrator

Photo of Vince

Vincent Duquette

Industry Professional

Photo of Matthew Kyan

Dr. Matthew Kyan

Adjunct Member, YSGS

Photo of: Ramona Pringle

Ramona Pringle

Assistant Professor, RTA School of Media

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