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Ryerson Master of Digital Media


The following is the inaugural 2013-2014 cohort of Ryerson's Master of Digital Media program. Each student comes from a unique background and offers a different perspective to digital media. Throughout the year they will work with one another on a variety of projects and presentations. Together they will change the landscape of the digital media world!

Photo of Rhandy Adophe

Rhandy Adolphe

Music Blogger

Photo of Evelyn Chan

Evelyn Chan


Photo of Zaid Edghaim

Zaid Edghaim

New Media

Photo of Ezra Grossman

Ezra Grossman

Business Development

Photo of Christina Lee

Christine Lee

UX Design

Photo of Logan Salsberg

Logan Salsberg

Multimedia Production

Photo of Eric Battiston

Eric Battiston

Cake Decoration

Photo of Maddie Crothers

Maddie Crothers

Social Media Management

Photo of Omar Grant

Omar Grant


Photo Benny Hakak

Benny Hakak


Photo of Phil Raffi

Phil Raffi


Photo of Shaikh Zulfiqar

Shaikh Zulfiqar

Public Relations

Photo of Tyler Sures

Tyler Sures

Fine Art

Photo Jose Tomas Blanco

Jose Tomas Blanco

Media Production

Photo of Alysha D'Souza

Alysha D'Souza


Photo of Chris Gray

Chris Gray

Sales Marketing

Photo of Maria-Gabriella Khoury
Photo of Mahmoud Rahnama

Mahmoud Rahnama

Digital Special Effects

Photo of Mansoor Shams

Mansoor Shams

Animation Professional

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