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Ehsan Azmat

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MBA, major in Marketing:

Greenwich University, Karachi
Southeastern University, Washington D.C.

Email Address:


Advertising, Brand Strategy, Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Media, Brand Planning, Interactive Experience and Research.


Ehsan comes from a specialized background that many call an ‘organized creative chaos’ a.k.a. Advertising. He finds peace in this chaos. It balances his inner passion for both business and creativity. He understands the bigger picture and keeps a keen eye on the bottom-line while finding creatively inspiring solutions to fill market and communication gaps.

Ehsan has worked at several leading and award-winning global advertising agencies owned by the world’s largest communication group WPP. He’s worked in senior capacities including agency management roles. He’s been instrumental in leading teams, launching campaigns, coordinating broadcast productions and creating strategies for several blue-chip global clients including Unilever, Nestle, Pepsi, Shell, and Orascom to name a few. His expertise lies in diverse industries including Consumer Packaged Goods, Banking, Telecommunication, Food & Beverage, Dairy, Confectionary, Petroleum and Aviation.

He loves to see his ideas come to life especially in forms of marketing communication, business processes and physical product solutions. He enjoys the ability to work with diverse minds and adapt to cultures while constantly thriving on challenges.

Why Digital Media?

As digital technology is the game changer for almost every single industry, Advertising is also experiencing an amazing collision between the traditional and the digital. Ehsan is thrilled by the endless possibilities this technology offers to communicate and create creatively phenomenal and financially viable solutions to the problems/opportunities of today’s hybrid world.


Major Research Paper

An Investigation into the Feasibility of Delivering Online Education to Remote Communities

At the turn of the 21st century, many online collaborative models have helped global students in the process of collaborating and getting education online. Such collaborative platforms are found in various pockets globally. However, there is still a need to lay an infrastructure that could combine all those global efforts or platforms to provide online education, especially in the remote areas where even brick and mortar schooling system is a luxury. My paper will evaluate the feasibility of providing online education to remote communities, thus helping them get enlightened and empowered through education, and be a more productive part of the economy.