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Aditi Bhatia

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Honours B.A., New Media Studies - University of Toronto (2014)

Ontario College Certification, New Media Design - Centennial College (2013)

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User Experience Design. Human-User Centered Design. Social Innovation. Digital Culture.


Aditi is a user experience (UX) designer with a peculiar insight into conceptual, behavioral and usability elements of interaction design with a goal to develop human-friendly designs. In addition, she has an in-depth acumen of the digital media landscape with expertise in digital media theory and praxis.

Aditi has a passion for comprehending digital culture, analysing the ways affordances of digital devices, consciously or subconsciously, affect the way one evolves or devolves certain elements of cognition and perceive their world. As a result, her master’s major research area of study focuses on culminating effects of evolving (technology) digital and social media on people over the years.

Being born in Toronto, raised in New Delhi, India and schooled in Silicon Valley, California, provides her with a broad and diverse worldview.

Why Digital Media?

Aditi acknowledges the penetration and significance of the digital media into our everyday lives. She perceives the affordances of the digital media as means to disrupt hierarchy in society and grant autonomy to an individual to make a difference, up to an extent.

Aditi considers herself to be innately philanthropic and considerate about the perspective of the others. With the help of digital media, she wants to apply the same approach to her designs and help close the machine-human gap with highly intuitive interfaces. Aditi welcomes opportunities to make user-centric designs as a way to improve the experience of the digital world for the greater good, in order to attain work and moral satisfaction. She looks forward to the chance to cross disciplines with innovative ideas and rationale.


Major Research Paper

An Analysis of Power Dynamics in Mobile Digital Technologies Usage

Infiltration of ‘means of mediation,’ communication devices, into a person’s lifestyle with their unique values alter the ways an individual comprehends his/her environment. Furthermore, individuals re-appropriate the affordances, action possibilities, of the digital media devices for their own convenience. I aim to explore the extent to which mediation has penetrated into the lives of multiple generations and adopted over the years, and the consequent effects of this shift in the media landscape. In addition, I will endeavor to inspect the autonomy and power an individual has to impact this media landscape. Furthermore, focus on knowledge synthesis would provide me with an ability to grab elements from the meshwork of media landscape and group them logically. The critical review and analysis of literatures would help pinpoint and address loopholes in existing studies by delving deeper into possible skews and polarities by the scholars.

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