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Karan Jeet Chabra

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Image Arts - New Media studies, Ryerson University

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KJ Chabra is a Ryerson graduate holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Image Arts - New Media Studies. Born in India, and currently residing in Canada, KJ views himself as a media oriented individual inspired to display visuals, narratives or aesthetics through a mix of physical and digital mediums. This interest of observing objects communicating with digital environment initiated from his undergraduate studies and ever since attaching circuitry on regular house hold items has become a common practice for him. Getting objects to display a digital feed or translating their response to an interaction has become a persona for KJ. Aside from following a passion of object interactivity with digital media, KJ takes a great interest in other fields associated with digital media such as photography and film  production, and regularly tries to imply the learning skills from different fields to his media production practices.

Why Digital Media?

During KJ’s undergraduate studies, KJ worked as an R.A. for EDGE Labs, where he developed networking applications for the members of EDGE Lab. These applications involved an interaction between computed non-living objects and members of EDGE Labs on daily basis, conveying a visual or an experience. Moreover, KJ’s undergraduate studies involved developing art installations which corresponded aesthetics and visuals as users and viewers interacted with them. Ever since, KJ has seen the affects of applications created via digital media and the way these applications can be embedded within the human society to embody a persona. Experiencing this phenomenon KJ wanted to continue his education through a Masters program that would allow him to pursue a deeper understanding in his interest. KJ pursued the Masters in Digital Media program as it would allow him to create, experiment and display his ideas that reflect the “internet of things”. More importantly, it would allow him to engage with people that share similar interests and be a part of a startup community located in the heart of Toronto.


Major Research Project


The goal of this research project is to develop a web framework and establish an online social network for developing and sharing IoT applications. The web framework will allow users to develop IoT applications. The social network will allow them to share their own applications and engage with IoT applications created by others.