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Denise Chan

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  • Bachelor of Arts from University of Toronto. Major in New Media Studies and Psychology
  • Ontario College Certificate in New Media Design from Centennial college.

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Website development and social media marketing


I am Denise Chan, who is always the youngest in a school class because of my early start. I remember having dreams of being a lawyer when I grow up, but this dream totally changed during elementary school. I was never good at art but I remember myself spending my time on editing photos and creating graphics. In high school I decided to take a graphic design class and that nailed my future direction. I love creating digital products, not specifically graphic design but my interests range from website design, website development, animation, and movie editing. My current goal is to focus on website development and social media marketing in the future, but you know, it can always change, just like this industry!

Why Digital Media?

I have always been interested in digital 'things'. By things, I mean I preferred spending time on the computer at a very young age and choosing the digital way of doing things. I am glad to see what I enjoy is becoming a major trend in our society because I can finally get a chance to contribute to what I like. After completing an undergrad New Media Studies program, I became certain that this is what I love and I just can't wait to be a part of it. After some research I found the Master program of Digital Media at Ryerson, and I thought this would be my perfect chance to get one step closer to what I love.


Major Research Project

Q'er: queue management platform

People waste on average 30 minutes to an hour waiting in line for each visit at school offices. There needs to be an alternative to number tickets that will allow more flexibility for customers during the long waiting time. Q'er, a queue management platform, will allow customers to get in line with their smartphone before they arrive at the office. The platform will provide information on current queue status like estimated wait time, queue before/after you, estimated travel time...etc. This will allow customers to leave temporarily without worrying to lose their position in line. Notifications will be sent to the phone when it is almost the customer’s turn.