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Naomi Cowan

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Ryerson University - Bachelors of Arts - Radio & Television (2010)

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Storytelling, creative concept development, branding/innovation, entrepreneurship, non-profit social innovation


Naomi's passion for storytelling began at her first internship working for an entertainment television channel in Kingston, Jamaica. She chose to pursue media production studying at Ryerson University's RTA School of Media. 

As an undergrad she developed a knack for leadership. Her most memorable leadership experience was being a representative on Ryerson's Board of Governors. Naomi was able to support the board and the university in deciding to acquire Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens for Ryerson's athletic centre. 

Naomi returned to Jamaica in 2011 where she became the anchor of "Business Access", a business television program and an innovation consultant. In 2012 she established a non-profit mentorship program serving a group of underprivileged teenage mothers in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Music fuels Naomi's creativity, she is a vocalist, song writer and self-taught guitar player. A strong believer in multi-disciplinary artistry, Naomi uses her social media accounts to express her creative pursuits. 

Her long-term goal is to continually create ways to change lives while doing what she loves. 

Why Digital Media?

Naomi has chosen to use the MDM program as an opportunity to develop a niche for herself in the market. She's interested in exploring how digital media and interdisciplinary collaboration will change the way we work. She is is ready to develop, create and discover how she can change lives while doing what she loves.


Major Research Project

Mobile App Development, and digital marketing strategies to engage localized UGC.

Rogers Television, a Canadian public broadcasting company has recognized that the use of mobile technology has presented a challenge in maintaining viewer engagement. With the seven largest providers losing a total of over 24,000 subscribers between 2013 and 2014. The project aims to provide solutions to this evolving problem through the development of a mobile application that will reconnect audiences with the Rogers Television cable channel. The mobile app titled “RogersTVme” provides a platform that enables location-based user-generated video content. This project requires that I manage the project from inception to MVP in all areas of business management and creative development.