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Conrad Daellenbach

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Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music from the University of Western Ontario.

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Music and Multimedia


Chris Daellenbach grew up in a family of musicians, and despite years of struggling to resist the inevitable he is now attempting to follow in the gigantic footsteps of his forbearers. Since graduating from the music program at the University of Western Ontario, Chris has worked in music management and media in Toronto with Embrace Presents and Opening Day Entertainment. 

For the past year, Chris has been songwriting and singing under the artist name - Chris Rivers - as well as writing for electronic and deep house producers around Toronto. His passion continues to be creating and working within the Music Industry.

Why Digital Media?

Chris' work with Canadian Indy recording label Opening Day has helped direct his attention towards studying the massive transformations that the Music Industry has undergone in the digital age. Assisting with the digital distribution, marketing, and media within a company setting has carried over to his personal work. In exploring different means of digital production and creation, Chris is hoping to represent the Opening Day classical label in new and innovative ways, while also promoting and developing his own music and contemporary label, Opening Night.


Major Research Paper

Music Blog Influence, Social Media Strategy & the Niche Market

Looking to explore the role of audience agency in regards to content creation, as well as digital and social media strategies for creating niche audiences in the web 2.0 music landscape. I hope to explore the use of aggregation and curation of syndicated sources in supporting a musician’s reading of social media trends to help curate a message to a niche market audience. I will analyze a data aggregator such as Hype Machine to identify and collect information on trending or “buzz” sampling, lyrics and niche genres. In the context of the music industry, this process will inform the reader in a way that will allow them to i) shape an electronic artist’s online development of a niche audience, and ii) identify and describe trends within the buzz of music communication.