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Heidi Evans

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Ryerson University - Digital Specialization Certificate

International Academy of Design - Advertising Design

University of Western Ontario - Bachelor of Music Education, Artist Diploma 

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Creative | Communications + Social Media | Marketing | Photography 


Heidi began her career as a creative in advertising, and has over 15 years of advertising agency experience – from small companies to multinational brands, in all facets of print advertising. She then expanded her repertoire to online, focusing on social media, content creation, and web-based startups. In her spare time she’s been known to take a few photographs, make a little music and travel the world by car, plane or motorcycle.

Why Digital Media?

As someone who lives and works in the creative and communications sphere, digital media is not longer an ‘option’, but rather an integral part of day to day life. Whether working for a corporation, or involved in a startup, a digital media skill-set is required.


Major Research Project

Exploring Digital Media Toolsets for Operating Room Scheduling

Hospital operating rooms are, by nature, inefficient. There are unexpected delays and emergencies that arise during the day. The delay has a ripple effect, and as a result elective surgeries often are postponed. It’s not just an inconvenience to the patient and their families, but a source of frustration for the surgical teams as well. Without a clear indication of when they should be available, they are often stuck waiting in queue for their slot. Current practices don’t really allow for freedom or flexibility to do more than wait or paperwork when waiting for their scheduled surgery. A fluid scheduling system and relay notification systems would allow surgical teams to do more with their time – and still be reachable.