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Julian Frank

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The University of Western Ontario

Bachelor of Arts, Media, Information and Technoculture, Philosophy, Music Production

2007 – 2011

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Digital media production arts. 

Increasing creative application of new technology incorporating videography, music production & sound design, graphic design & social media into a solution to engage with audiences in greater ways.


Born and raised in Toronto, I've grown up in a multi-media infused world. From a love of video games & skateboarding to original music productions and commercial video productions, I am constantly combining my versatile creative passions into engaging media solutions. With my company, Sonic Life Media, I am working to produce creative commercial media productions using a variety of modern production equipment like drone technology and more.

Why Digital Media?

With an undying love of the visual art medium as well as the world of music and sound, digital media gives me the ability to express, communicate and relate to the world with my senses and enables me to reinvent my message in an near infinite amount of ways.


Major Research Project

Online Influence using digital media (photo, video, original music) in a consumer product industry

The objective of this project is to create a branded, yet transparent social media centric channel for Artcic Zone to connect with and inspire consumers through short-form video / media content marketing. This will allow Arctic Zone to make a name for their business and brands as they connect with a larger community of social influencers and product/ gear enthusiasts. The production of this content will be guided by in-depth social media analytic research guided by Dr. Gruzd in Ryerson's Social Media Lab. I will do additional research into the viability of introducing an e-commerce platform, an affiliate marketing program and building a team of brand ambassadors internationally across various demographics.