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Shamraiz Gul

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B.Sc Honors Science, Minors Psychology - University of Waterloo

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Content Creation, User Interaction and Project Management in the Creative and Health Industry.


A background in biology and psychology, combined with the passion for film and photography has allowed me to refine my skills in these fields. During my undergrad, my interests focused on film making, photography, and media campaigning. This allowed me to work with many for-profit and non-profit organization in the Waterloo community, polishing my skills and gaining experience along the way. Having a Science background allows me to bring a different pool of knowledge into the new future heavily involved with digital media.

Why Digital Media?

Having grown up in the internet boom, digital media was a vital component of my life. Even when pursuing my undergrad, my interest were focused mainly on how digital media was shaping its users and how cultures were molding around them. After finishing my undergrad, it didn't take me long to realize that if I combined my education with my passion, i would never have to work a day. The environment is constantly changing and digital media provides novel solutions to new problems that arise. Which is why I have never looked back since the day I started this program.


Major Research Project

Immersive User Narrative and Interaction through Active Objects

The project explores a newer approach to user engagement in exhibits and public spaces. By immersing user through the use of active objects (tagged objects). Users can have a more immersive experience, hand in hand with creating their own narrative. I am looking at ways to passively make user interact within the realm of a public exhibit. This successfully implemented could be scaled for interactive marketing outside of the retail store.