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Leon Haggarty

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Film Production Diploma

Bachelors of Applied Management w/ concentration in E-Commerce

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Digital Distribution and Aggregation | Product Management | Customer Acquisition & Retention

One of the most important obstacles I have come across, while making digital goods, is the final process of any project: distribution. Utility is the expectation of any good or service.  I excel at getting goods and services to interested users.


Usage reporting has guided my digital media journey.  Upon entering high school, YouTube became a phenomenon.  A few friends and I used to make sketch comedy videos.  I discovered YouTube was saturated with youth sketch comedy, so I experimented with other genres.  I made editing software tutorials and highlight reel edits of live events. These tutorial and recap videos received even higher viewership.  I was discovering the meaning of the terms unmet need, pain point and the product market fit.  Audience alignment is what I attempt to do.  Audience alignment ensures one is creating a good or service that offers value to the end user.

Why Digital Media?

According to the US department of Labour the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.  The Masters of Digital Media is preparing students for the job market of today and tomorrow.  Studying digital media will allow me not only to stay within a growing and fascinating field, but will provide me with applicable knowledge.  I want to make products/services that solve problems, or products/services  people simply enjoy using.


Major Research Project

Hot Potato

Say a user is watching a Harvard University  lecture on YouTube, they may be intrigued enough to share it.  However, if the video is  20 minutes long, the reason for sharing may be unclear; which part appealed to the sharer of the video?  Was it the topic overview, or the case study example?  A viewer most likely finds one or more specific moments  appealing.  Memorable moments within a video can be shared using Hot Potato.  Hot Potato lets a user select, edit and share video content with a user-friendly, no-frills interface.  Hot Potato lets you make spuds.


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