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Nghe Huynh

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Bachelor of Commerce from Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, majors in finance & marketing management

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Nghe graduated from Ted Rogers School of Management with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in finance and marketing management. She has over eight years of professional experience in the investment funds industry and achieved professional accolades. Since Nghe values and believes in continuous learning in order to remain agile in our constantly evolving and revolutionizing economy, she’s back at her alma mater to pursue a Master of Digital Media degree.

Why Digital Media?

The Master of Digital Media could not have come at a better time. Nghe is ecstatic that this program merges art & design, technology, and business & entrepreneurship. Nghe is interested in art, fashion, finance and entrepreneurship. While her career has allowed her to build her business knowledge and skills, it’s now time to provide an outlet for her creativity. She is aiming to leverage technology and the digital economy to help her fulfill and realize her passions.


Major Research Project

Fashion e-commerce start-up

The objective of this MRP is to create a fashion e-commerce start-up, with a focus on women fashionable heeled shoes (for events or an avant-garde alternative to the office pumps) but with an emphasis on comfort, particularly for those who experience foot health issues. I will be exploring my start-up by using the consumer socialization theory. I want to investigate whether or not the rise of fashion blogs have influenced and resulted in young women buying impractical shoes that they see are worn by fashion editors or fashion enthusiasts. Additionally, I want to investigate whether or not content blogging/instagramming/marketing on ecommerce sites have resulted in driving traffic and generating sales and created a meaningful relationship with the consumer.