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Nadya Khoja



B.A. Spec. Honours Devised Theatre from York University, Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish

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User Experience, Interactive Performance & Entrepreneurship


Nadya has always had a keen interest in experimenting with the combination of unlikely components. Her hope has always been to create a unique and innovative product. She has a background in Devised Theatre, which is a form of collaborative and experimental theatre. In the past, Nadya's focus and interest has been in the integration of various multimedia and digital forms, with live performance. Lately Nadya's work strives to use digital technology as a tool for enhancing audiences' experiences with live performance. She wants to push boundries and redefine the realm of theatre. She believes that human beings have an innate desire to connect with characters, environments and stories on a much more visceral level. Nadya forsees digital technology being an essential part of the process. 

Why Digital Media?

In order to gain a better understanding of the trends of digital technology as well as nourishing her intrigue for business and entrepreneurship, Nadya thought that this would be the perfect program for her. She hopes to use the skills she gains from the MDM to further develop her research and experimentation with the digital, interactive age of theatre. 


Major Research Paper

Interactive Performance: The Digital Age of Theatre

The purpose of this MRP is to explore the nature of Peak Experiences, which Maslow refers to as the combined response of the emotions, senses, intellect and imagination that are often experienced by people who have achieved self-actualization. Using the theatre as an environment that creates meaning and fulfillment, and exploring the relationship between theatrical engagement experiences and digital media experiences, the goal of this paper is to determine how engagement practices between both mediums can function in harmony, in order to produce the hedonic experiences that Maslow describes. This analysis is done by comparing various immersive theatre companies and interactive design companies who are pushing the boundaries of their fields, and attempting to produce infectious and enlightening experiences in their areas of expertise.




As playwright A Mistake in Heaven