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Kateryna Kiss

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Bachelor of Industrial Design

Masters in Digital Media

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Brand Strategy


Kateryna Kiss is a Ukrainian designer and brand strategist living in Toronto Canada. She graduated with a Degree in Industrial Design and is currently working towards her Masters in Digital Media at Ryerson University. She loves geometry, anything intricate and has an appreciation for history which all comes through in her work.

An award winning furniture designer, she has worked on a wide scope of projects including project management, business development, brand identity, art direction, furniture design, illustration and website design. You could really say she is a woman of many trades and is always eager to try something new and different that will challenge her creativity.

Why Digital Media?

Kateryna is looking forward to combining her love and passion for Product and Brand Development and merging it with User Experience Design in order to provide customers with the best experiences possible.


Major Research Paper

Does Having an Education Make You a Better Startup Founder?

Does having an education make you a better founder in a start-up and is there a correlation between particular degrees, the level of education and startup success.