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Stephane Lachance

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Ryerson University - Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television

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Digital entertainment


Stéphane Lachance graduated in 2012 from Ryerson’s School of Radio and Television Arts where he studied screenwriting and digital media production. After graduation, he worked with various non-profit organizations in online marketing and social media.

Why Digital Media?:

Digital Media is already where the audience gets their entertainment, whether the current media giants like it or not. It's best to get into the field now and deliver what the public wants to watch, read, listen and play wherever they want to watch, read, listen and play it.


Major Research Project

Web Series and Monetization Strategy Development

The objective of this Major Research Project is to develop, create, and launch the first series of episodes of a web series. The work leading up to and following the launch will be informed by research into potential monetization and funding methods for web series, in particular a report published during the Directed Studies course. The final product of the Major Research Project will be a set of a web series episodes as well as a written paper portion, including a marketing and monetization plan.