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Pamela Livingstone

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Bachelor of Commerce from the Ted Rogers School of Business, Ryerson University. Major in Global Management Minor in Professional Communications

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Social Media Marketing and Management

Content Strategy


Pamela grew up in a small town on a farm and always wanted something bigger and better and in striving for something bigger she moved out of her small town in British Columbia to the big city of Toronto. Once attending her bachelors of commerce she found her passion for connecting the international world and therefore found a strong passion for social media. Upon completing her bachelors she knew the next step was to continue studies in the digital media world to help companies with their social media content and strategy. Pamela currently works for a little start up called The Canadian Nerd as their Community Manager while still maintaining her own online presence through her blog, Facebook and her Twitter accounts; find her at @Pam_Livingstone.

Why Digital Media?

Pamela remembers getting internet for the first time and realizing all of the vast possibilities available to her now that her world grew so much bigger. Upon entering her third year in her bachelor’s degree she took a class in digital media and instantly fell in love. Something about being able to connect people internationally in a fast paced environment became highly appealing and she started to follow her passion for all things digital. Once completing her bachelor’s degree she knew that she wanted to continue her education in all things digital to hone in on her online skills and to discover and grow new ones and where else better to do this then the best incubator in Canada?


Major Research Paper

Why My Avatar Looks Like Me: A Study on Identity in Dungeons and Dragons

A study on the human connection to one’s gaming character, or avatar, and how the medium of play can affect their ability to connect. This research will involve an observational study of participants playing the table top role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, as well as interviews from each participant regarding their experiences connecting to their avatar.