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Danning Lu

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Sheridan College, Art Fundamentals

Honours Bachelor of Arts from York University. Majored in Digital Media.

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Virtual Reality | Live Performance | Interactive Design | Motion Graphics


Growing up with PC games and animation, Danning gained great passion about making games and animation. The passion led to her major in Digital Media at York University. As many other students, Danning thought Digital Media would be the program to learn game and animation. However, Digital Media includes far more than she has ever expected. During the past four years studying at York University, Danning has done a variety of projects under the field of Digital Media, including designing and building robots, interactive performance, interactive installation, and game design.

Why Digital Media?

Knowing some of the possibilities in digital media during her studies at York University, Danning wanted to know more about digital media also wanted to know what she could do to use her skills in digital media.


Major Research Project

Seeing Through Masters’ Eyes - Experience the creation of a master piece in virtual reality

Museums are challenged for a long time to engage their visitors. Many forms of technologies have been adapted for propose of engaging people by providing more information. Virtual reality has been studied for in museums for cultural propose for several years. The technology promises to offer a vivid environment for users to interact within in a first-person perspective. This project is proposing a virtual reality experience based on the statues of St. Longinus in St. Peter’s Basilica by Bernini. Extending from previous projects, this project will let users to experience how the piece was made from the artist’s perspective. The experience would also incorporate physical replica of the tools that users could interact with and to increase immersion and more deeply connect users to the artist’s process using haptic feedback. For user input, several gesture capture devices will be studied to bring an intuitive way of interaction to users.