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Cameron Munro

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), Trent University

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From an early age Cameron was fascinated by the web and all of its moving parts. Before he even entered high school he was ranking websites highly on Google and building computers. Through extensive research and study of Google and how it ranks sites for search terms Cameron was able to pay his rent throughout his bachelor of Business Administration program at Trent University using Google Adsense revenue from his Go-kart hobby site. His own sites have garnered millions of views and through a student-based partnership which bloomed out of Trent University ( Cameron was able to hone his online marketing and design skills on projects for many local and nationally based organizations. As well as honing his digital skills he was able to pitch web marketing and design ideas to potential clients and fill the roll of lead salesman for the team. Cameron is constantly challenging himself with new and interesting projects; whether its using linux based operating systems for the fun of it, starting his own web-hosting company or writing (and filming) lessons on online marketing. Cameron has a true passion for exploring the digital world and creating innovative solutions to net-based problems.

Why Digital Media?

Cameron lives, eats, breathes and sleeps digital media. Whether it's thinking of niche web business ideas or studying digital marketing on his free time, his mind is always focused on digital / media based possibilities. Ever since stumbling upon the Ryerson Masters of Digital Media program in his search for graduate opportunities Cameron believes this program was made specifically for him. He is excited to immerse himself into the Digital Media Zone and get started on new and interesting projects with his classmates.


Major Research Paper

Online Influence in a networked digital context

For this paper I intend to define what it means to be influencial online
and explore various metrics which could identify influencial organizations and influencial behaviour. The paper will follow scholarly research in the field and with my own case studies.