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Olivia Pierratos

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Bachelor of Arts Honours Specialization in Media Information and Technoculture

Semester at City University of Hong Kong studying Advertising and International Communications

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Brand Development/ Social Media Marketing/ Design Strategy


Olivia has a strong interest and passion for new and social media as well as how it can be paired with art and graphic design in an interesting and provoking way. Studying at MIT at Western University gave her an amazing appreciation and introduction to media theory and practice. She found an interest in new media, brand development and crowd culture and was able to pair this with her passion for art outside of class.

As Graphics Editor of the MIT magazine Open Wide, she was able to see first hand how creative layout and fonts affect the audience. Working on advertisements and magazines for non-profit and small e-commerce companies Olivia relishes in working in creative and online environments and looks forward to working with new upcoming companies.

Why Digital Media?

Olivia would like to practice and conduct research into design strategy, mobile and social media technology as it relates to enterprise. She is interested in the power of a group or crowd; how digital technologies have changed our idea of what the word 'community' or 'relationship' means. As well as how non-profit groups and simple ideas can be successful in the information world in the same way that companies that successfully market for profit both on a national and international scale. Olivia in interested in the social media landscape on a global scale and the differences culture to culture. This interest stemmed from her semester abroad in Hong Kong.


Major Research Project

GLOW: Exploration of Youth Positivity and Wearable Tech

For this project, I intend to research behaviour modificiation and self-knowledge as it relates to wearable technology. I will focus my research on young girls and positivity on social media. The main objective of this project is to create a prototype for a wearable that will respond to positivity on social media as well as to create projected design plans of the wearable. The objective will be supported by the development of a launch plan, which will play into the concept of positivity and ethics online. A business plan and pilot project plan will also be designed to prepare the product for potential launch.