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Brent Pretty

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B.A. (Digital Media) Vancouver Island University

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Digital Culture/Interaction Design/Production


Brent grew up in Newfoundland, but has spent the last 4 years studying Digital Media @ Vancouver Island University. During his time at VIU he was involved in a number of projects and presentations. Notably co-presenting a colloquium presentation entitled "LoFi & Wifi: Conjuring Creativity & Performance" alongside fellow students and faculty.

Why Digital Media?

My generation is the first generation of digital natives. We are the first generation to have grown up surrounded by personal computers, and thus we offer what I believe to be a unique set of experiences. I feel that it's not only our opportunity, but our duty, to use our experiences to push the boundaries of technology.


Major Research Paper

Constructing a Predictive Electoral Model Through An Analysis Of News & Social Media Sentiment

An analysis of the current state of sentiment based electoral prediction. The goal of this paper is to examine the practical utility of predictive models through a comparative analysis of 2-3 case studies.