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Khaled Rayyan

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John Molson School of Business, University of Concordia - Finance

School of Continuing Education, University of Toronto - Financial Modelling & Equity Valuation

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Wholesale, social media management, e-commerce, web-design, GIF making


Born in Kuwait to a Palestinian Sunni Muslim father and an Iraqi Shiite Muslim mother, my family had to flee to Jordan when the Iraq-Kuwait war erupted. I became adamant, that unlike my past, my future will be about peace and success.

I moved to Canada in 2006, enrolled myself at the John Molson School of Business and began to work my way towards gaining my bachelor degree in commerce. A few months after graduation, in the summer of 2011, I moved to Toronto.

My initial goal of working in either banking or consulting were quickly squashed as I discovered my passion for evolving in smaller organizations. While looking for a job that fits my criteria, I enrolled at UofT to gain a certificate in financial modelling. Luckily, I managed to secure employment at a local construction firm. Advanced Construction Techniques took me on as a project coordinator.

Whilst in my last year at ACT, I kickstarted my own business, Hale Coffee Company. A year later; I took the bold decision to quit the construction world to focus on Hale. To add a new element to my arsenal, I decided to enrol in the Masters of Digital Media in the hopes to further my knowledge about startups and the digital environment.

Why Digital Media?:

The biggest reason for selecting Digital Media as a masters program was to stay clear of the more traditional confines of an MBA. I felt that I would fit in and excel in an environment where innovation and creativity are nurtured and pushed. In the Digital Media program, the interaction with a diverse set of skills allows for more complete teams. Also, being within the Digital Media Zone played a major role, as an entrepreneurial stage is set.


Major Research Project

Bean to Cup: The Story of Specialty Coffee

An exploration of the narrative of a coffee bean and the social-cultural/political ramifications of commodity coffee production vs specialty narrative driven coffee.