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Am Sagarwala

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Ryerson University, Graphic Communications Management, Bachelor of Technology
Wilfrid Laurier University, Computer Science, N/A (incomplete)

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UX Design and Web Development


A motivated problem solver that leverages technology. Leadership and creativity are key tools in his arsenal that empower him to be effective. Eager to teach and enthusiastic when being taught, Ahmed wants to reach his potential working in a challenging, progressive atmosphere.

Highly competent in the use of information technology to improve efficiency. Public speaking, event coordination, web development, database administration, computer troubleshooting and graphic design skills. A strong background in managing technology in a business environment. Provider of cost effective solutions for technology-driven marketing initiatives and workflow automation.

Why Digital Media?

Logic dictates it's a sound decision.
I have a few ideas I would like to bring to fruition but my hindrance is a lack of experience in prototyping and fabricating tangible products. Everything I create is ephemeral in the digital realm. I would like to learn to bridge virtual and physical spaces, specifically user interactions with digital spaces. I feel there is much room for improvement here. I also would like to enhance our physical environments through the use of data collected via cloud connected products. An example of this would be traffic automation (explaining this would require more time than I have at this moment).


Major Research Paper

The Effect of Device Population on Energy Disaggregation

An assessment of current algorithms used in the field of energy disaggregation. The purpose is to determine which algorithm maintains a high degree of accuracy as device population increases. Device category and associated consumption signatures may have an effect on the algorithm's accuracy, therefore it will be important to assess a variety of devices to reveal cases where a specific algorithm is more appropriate according to a given situation.



TAGA Journal (2006-2008)