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Kylo (Jiao) Xue

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Bachelor of Geography and Environment at University of Waterloo

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Interaction Design, Website Development, User Experience Design


During Jiao’s school year as a geography student, she had maintained a great interest for design by working as a graphic/web designer for technology & e-commerce retailers, student unions and environment magazine, becoming part of the creative solutions both as a strategist and designer. Soon after Jiao’s graduation, she followed her passion by pursuing a career in the creative field, working as a website designer as well as part of the front end development team at Canada Computer and Electronics. From her past experience, Kylo was able to acquire extensive skills not only in delivering aesthetic visual contents, but the ability to use various technologies and strategies to creatively solve practical problems, acquire valuable virtual assets to the organizations, and even reshape the way customers think.  

Why Digital Media?

As a designer who has a geography background, Jiao now would like to take a step further by exploring into physical computing and the influence of digital media on built environment and human health. The primary goal Jiao wants to achieve during the year at MDM is to integrate her knowledge in undergraduate study and master study, in hoping to understand how people and the surrounding environment have adapted to the rapid development of digital media. She is hoping to what she will be learned to connect the individual, the physical environment, and the digital world in a mutually inclusive and converging way. 


Major Research Project

Redefining and Reapplicaiton of the Vertical Garden in Personal Household Context

Customizable personal vertical garden (Green walls) that is controlled and monitored digitally, maximizing your room with green vegetation while consumes minimum physical space.