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Chris Ambedkar

Chris Ambedkar.


Ryerson University, Bachelor of Technology, Graphic Communications Management, Minor in Marketing
Durham College, Ontario College Certificate, Foundations in Art and Design

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Social Media Marketing


Chris is extremely fascinated by the Internet, innovative technology and how it has revolutionized digital communications. Chris hopes to use the internet as a medium to help reach others in a positive way and to use social media platforms such as YouTube to create positive change. Chris uses his YouTube channel, TheChrisTingz, to post comedy/lifestyle videos in hopes to bring positivity to others and to cultivate an online community.

Chris has a degree in Graphic Communications Management where he was heavily involved with student leadership as the President of the Graphic Communications Management Course Union. He worked in the Marketing & Creative Services department as the Production Assistant and was also a teaching assistant throughout his undergrad. These positions has given him great experience in a marketing environment.

Why Digital Media?

With a print media background, it seems like a natural choice to pursue a Master of Digital Media. Understanding both print and digital media is essential for the marketing of any business. Chris hopes to use his knowledge learned in digital media in combination with his print media background to potentially work for a digital marketing agency or to continue to cultivate a community on his YouTube channel, TheChrisTingz.

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